13 August, 2009

Sniffle, Sniffle...

Welp, all the last minute items have been ordered...

And, the UPS man has been here like clock work dropping off packages on a daily basis...

All the personal effects and mementos have been packed up and loaded into the cars and tomorrow morning, bright and early, we head south to take Emma and Hilbils to school. No more daily beach buddies...No more gym dates capped off with lunges back to the car...No more nightly salad companions...No more running mates throwing down sprints at the end...And, no more DQ partners in crime...

Feels like summer's ending already. Stinkin school...

Best of luck girlies and thanks for having me, Templeton, Pilgie and part-timer Babe this summer at the beach house. Keep up the running and see you at Thanksgiving...XXOO


  1. I spy a "parking violation" ha ha.
    I love this post...makes me hate knowing that summer is ending and another year of school is around the bend. Study Safe, learn well and come home safe to the Emma and Hilbils.

  2. You must be the best aunt ever! Those girls have lucked out for sure. One of my aunts is prone to sending $10 checks for major life events.

  3. I don't even know the girls and I'm sad to see them go! Best of luck Emma & Hillary!

  4. Oh Allie ~

    My heart is breaking after this post ~ so bittersweet!
    But chin up tout de suite ~ we'll be in Montauk in 29 sleeps and a wake-up!!!

    Can't wait!

    xoxox ~ Meggie

  5. :( I'm so sad for you. I can imagine how you must feel. Perhaps you can plan some college weekend visits?

    I just read that you are going to MTK soon. Here is a post I did about a few little gems- maybe this will cheer you up a bit? I love Montauk & hope you have the best time. I'm headed home to Bridgehampton tomorrow! Yay!!!


  6. Dear Allie,
    You are a fabulous Auntie and those girls are so lucky to have you in their lives! This was a really touching post for me as I will be heading up to Virginia in ten days with my son in tow for college. Its another round of tears for me and he will be a soph. Best of luck to the girls for a fantastic year!

  7. Oh I hate to see it end. I always loved going back to college early though so i did not have to say goodbye. xoxo

  8. So bittersweet Allie-- they are lucky nieces and you a lucky auntie! I know those teen-goddesses pushed your workouts like only 17 year olds can!

    But do not fret, because summer is not officially over until Sept 21. The beauty of being out of school is enjoying those Indian summer days and nights on the beaches and in the stores and restaurants without the crowds and with the weather truly lush--heaven! So keep your caftans, tunics, Malia dress, Bonannos and Rainbows at hand- they have a lot of wearing ahead of them. And keep your nieces sweet voices of lunges and sprints as the soundtrack for your workouts.

    Unfortunately, I am one of the back-to-schoolers this year-- but am determined to not let it get in the way of the late August, full Sept- full summer fun! And you will be a part of it all in easy-peasey, smooth and breezy MTK! The capital of Indian Summer....Can't wait....xoxo

  9. So bittersweet Allie--they are lucky, little nieces and you a lucky auntie.

    Don't forget that summer is not officially over until Sept 21! And once everyone goes back to school, you'll have uncrowded beaches, shops and restaurants to enjoy for luscious Indian Summer. So don't tuck your Juno dress, Bonannos or Rainbows away yet. And keep the sweet sounds of your nieces voices pushing for the lunges and sprints as the soundtrack to your workouts.

    Indian Summer in MTK is amazing and we have lots of spots to visit, tans to maintain, fish to catch and waves to ride and jump-- water is the warmest of the year! Hold onto every second of summer and we'll go to John's Drive-in for reward ice cream when you come up in lieu of DQ. xoxo

  10. While it seems all my friends are packing up their kids for college, I'm packing up sippy cups and an extra change of clothes in case little Margaret doesn't make it to the potty at pre pre pre pre pre pre pre K. Hmm.....talk about bizzarro world.....

    Those nieces of yours are absolutely darling. Love their bulletin boards (is that Lilly fabric underneath?!)...Also, do I spy Aunt Alli in the upper left hand corner (holding a niece-baby) of the bottom bulletin board?

    I know how you feel. I was not ready for this summer to end. Soooo depressing.

  11. Yup, Lilly memo boards I made for them many years ago. I used to have a little cottage biz. Also, tis moi in the babe pic of Emma. I'll find an excuse to use it in a post one of these days... XXOO