25 August, 2009

Christopher Ross Belts

While doing my due diligence, after spying this tidbit in Vogue, I discovered a new lust item on the Atlantis Home blog...

I am totally shooting myself in the foot by sharing my recently acquired Christopher Ross belt fetish...

From what I have gathered, during my fast and furious research, these belts are vintage and I will have to lie in wait, lurking in the shadows of eBay to get my greedy little paws on any...

Seriously, I could die happy with just one of these statement pieces...

Tons of mileage to be had from such a pièce de résistance...

Not a Van Cleef and Arpels thought would pop into my head while sporting this handsome prince...

And, I would quite possibly have difficulty taking off this hare even to shower...

Unless, of course it was to switch it out for my gorgeous hound...

But, if I were ever fortunate enough to land the fox I think I may I have to leave Babe instructions to bury me in it.

But, in the meantime I shall temporarily satisfy my buckle urge with a few of these swell Moss Mills beauties that I spied at Calypso in NYC...

Très reminiscent of my long lost Dottie Smith collection from high school...
And, hopefully cute enough to thwart any competition on eBay.


  1. I just don't get these belts. They actually scare me. MB

  2. Oh how delightfully similar to my high school love of Papagallo, right near Elizabeth Turner....
    need I say more....

  3. the big buckles are really er, BIG. I love the Moss Mills buckles - good thing I saved all my belt strips.....wonder if they still fit?

  4. Very cute belts. I love them. xoxo

  5. I am a devoted follower of your blog, and if I knew you were interested on getting a CR belt/buckle... I just posted a horse head yesterday on ebay! The lion's head I will keap it, though!

  6. Ok, I've just got to have that owl buckle!! I'm a Chi O and its just too cute :)

  7. Mother owns loads of the Moss Mills belts, they are fabulous! However, now what I REALLY want is that vintage elephant!! AMAZINGLY cute!

  8. Okay, the hound was my fave, until I scrolled down and spotted the fox. Love the fox. Gotta have the fox!

  9. I've found an amazing site with Christopher Ross' collection of belt buckles: http://www.christopher-ross-collection.com

  10. Love LOVE these pictures of Christopher Ross Buckles!! We are loading 9 Ross buckles on ebay today! Check them out!! "j.k.livin" is our user i.d.


  11. Hi. I just listed an absolutely GORGEOUS Christopher Ross belt on ebay. It is a giant feather with two black belts. :) It takes my breath away!

  12. Just listed 2 Christopher Ross belts on eBay. User name: TK842

    One Gold Rabbit

    One Silver Fish

    They're so unusual! I hope they go to a good home!

  13. I once sold ( plus wore) these buckles.as wearable art to be displayed when not being worn. They were and still are show stoppers. I once wore the double Eagle with a simple black evening gown to a black tie event honoring Russian Artist and was mistaken for a member of the once Russian Royalty. The Ambassador then purchased one for his wife. I have a collection but now in my eighties don't wear them but have them displayed as art and they never fail to be noticed and complimented.