26 August, 2009

The Fifth Frost Sister

We visited the joint bff in Charlotte last week but, from the pics we could just as easily been at mine or my sister's house. Remember, the post with all the all the freakishly like items? Well, Kimba's definitely a member of our cult and has always been referred to as the "fifth sister"...

Same brand running shoes as us. In multiples no less...

Same familiar preppy wardrobe items in an Allie approved closet. Although, I must admit that Kimba was the original "basket as an organizational tool" girl...
Also, a fan of the Huggable Hanger, even though she had to break out and go with the white.

Even her cat Buster has some very Pilge-like moves!

Now, there is something she has that I don't...

Something I've been dreaming about for awhile now. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite quick enough on the draw to take advantage of an additional photo op when she handed me tp under the stall door at the movie theater...

But, hopefully...soon...this little trinket will find it's way into my jewel box as well. And, before you know it, there are likely to be additional Alhambra sightings within the fam...

Kindness of Kimba who graciously allowed me to stalk her wrist one evening on the town. And, thank you again for my wonderful birthday dinner and a movie! XXOO


  1. I wish I could steal all your wardrobes. And, maybe your tans.

  2. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    You're killing me. The lust list just keeps getting longer and it is all your fault. Bracelet or necklace, which will it be? I have a feeling Santa Baby will be slipping one of these under your tree. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  3. Maybe we can get a Van CLeef discount if we buy together in bulk...thoughts? I want a bracelet, necklace and earrings (these are my priority). Or, maybe we should just be sent samples to review for the masses!

  4. Please count me in on the preppy bulk order ;) I'm with Hopsy, I "need" the bracelet & necklace. My earrings never,ever come out. I will pass on those babies although they are certainly drool-worthy. What a fun post!

  5. Have you been to the VC&A in Chevy Chase? They are so nice! Hubby took me to try on the 10 motif vintage. Hoping I get it for Christmas or next summer for our 10th anniversary.

  6. Is there something wrong with me since the Alhambra bracelets don't appeal to me?????????

  7. I opened an Alhambra Vintage in Mother of Pearl (like Kimba's)on Christmas morning thanks to you. Hadn't considered one before your blog. It is something I will always cherish. Hope you get yours soon.