28 August, 2009

Several Kate Spade agenda's ago, I learned that Native Americans assigned names to each month's full moon. Gotta love an educational day planner...

January - Wolf Moon

February - Snow Moon

March - Worm Moon

April - Pink Moon

May - Flower Moon

June - Strawberry Moon

July - Buck Moon

August - Sturgeon Moon

September - Harvest Moon

October - Hunter's Moon

November - Beaver Moon

December - Cold Moon

And, every 2-3 years there's an extra full moon in a single month referred to as a Blue Moon. The term "blue moon" is also used metaphorically to describe a rare event. As in, "once in a blue moon Allie thinks of things other than shopping and chocolate". Did I mention it only comes around every 2-3 years?

Kindness of Kate Spade and her penchant for adding trivia to her yearly refills...


  1. ...and what does Sturgeon Moon mean?

  2. It makes perfect sense I was born under the pink moon. It's all very clear to me now... ;)

    pve- I think I Sturgeon is a fish? Maybe that's when they fished for them? Insert shoulder shrug here.

  3. Yes Sturgeon is a fish - they run in late summer. (Hubby is a nature guy).

  4. I love that my birth month is pink moon :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. My sister and I have always loved these names for the full moons -- thanks for this great post. ~Michelle

  6. Yup, your hubby is correct Suburban Princess...the fishing tribes are credited with this naming since sturgeon were most readily caught in August. Thinking of renaming it Alhambra or Hermes beach towel moon in hopes of increaing the "running" of these goodies during my birthday month...XXOO

  7. hooray hooray that I'm a pink moon gal! sturgeon moon is near and dear to our fam because one of the towns in door county is sturgeon bay!



  8. yes, Allie-- we were born under the sturgeon moon ...def need a rename. I have two Cherokee great grandmother's , so I think we can get tribal approval ;)

  9. LOL...Allie you are too funny.

    And I'm like MBM...I was born under a pink moon and it's all making sense now! Love knowing this.

    P.S. I'd hate to be born under the Beaver Moon. I don't want to even touch that name...(*snicker*)

  10. Beautiful. The Chinese are also prone to calling seasons by the name of nature's behaviour. The Plum Rain season, for example.

  11. I think what PVE was hinting at was that Sturgeon Moon means Time for Caviar!

  12. I am a strawberry moon girl. Nice post and fantastic blog!

  13. Oh how fabulous!? Pink Moon is definitely my favorite! Xoxo-BLC