27 August, 2009

Kimba Part Deux

Here's our host whipping up an appetizer for us, post a long, hilly run in 98 degree heat. What's not pictured is me, practically comatose on her hanging porch bed, trying to recover and looking very much worse for the wear while lounging très unladylike in my Calypso dress and popping Advil.

In a matter of minutes we were presented with goat cheese topped with pesto, chopped walnuts and craisins, Triscuits and some very welcome Pinot Noir to tide us over while she worked on a dinner that was mostly harvested from her organic backyard garden.

Staying at "The House of Howlin" has always been like checking into a four star hotel. Not only are your surrounding digs beautiful but, you are also fed, bedded and entertained in a manner fit for a Queen.

And, I never leave a visit without a parting gift of a design or entertaining idea or two...

Or three.

Every surface holds something interesting...

And beautiful.

There's always something new to discover or uncover as my hostess moves through her wifely, motherly and show stopping duties with effortless perfection.

Is Babe right? Do Kimba and I act a smidge Queenly wielding our scepters about? Maybe that's why she's so adept at treating a guest so royally and why I'm so quick to appreciate it.

And, quite possibly, why her daughter has a room fit for a preppy Princess in training...

Kindness of the entire Howlin dynasty for their generous and much appreciated hospitality...XXOO


  1. Kimba says...Merci beaucoup to you Allie for the kind words and for having the best taste of anyone I've ever known! XXOO

  2. The house looks beautiful!
    Thanks for the appetizer idea! I will have to try it the next time we have company!

  3. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    You are very rich. In friends. Many thanks to Kimba for sharing her lovely home with the internet. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  4. I would be a sketching diva, trying to take it all in...all that loveliness. I can see you now, reclining, moaning and in pain. Sorry, I so do not mean to laugh...but I think if I were in pain, there, it would all be squashed by the setting and the care.

  5. Y'all are hysterical. Love it.

  6. Ohhhh...I just love her mantle decor and all of the shells. So lovely!

    Looks like you had a wonderful host and a fabulous visit together!

  7. What a lovely home, and that appetizer, yum!

  8. Great home style and I'm curious as to what book is open on that tray. Looks interesting. :)

  9. what a fab palace!
    love the shells.


  10. As a current friend of your dear, sweet Kimba, I have to take credit for introducing her to that yummy appetizer. Only I make it with toasted pine nuts. I love her dearly and hope that next time I will get to meet you too! Shannon