17 August, 2009

Send Her to Our Beach, She'll Fit Right In!


My name is Allison and I'm a loyal reader. (Your blog is the first I go to in the morning!) I really enjoy reading your wit and outlook on life. I'm writing because I have a little problem. My mom just took my daughter and I to Palm Beach last week and it seems my daughter brought half of the beach home with us in her suits. Normally I wouldn't care but these are $75 suits that now look horrible! Do you have any suggestions for helping to get the sand out of her suit? I thought that with all the beach life guarding you have done you may have a special trick you could share. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much,

Sorry to disappoint Allison but, as you can see from the above pic, I have semi-retired three suits for the season already. I wore my Gwyneth and my Brooke until they faded, turned slightly yellow, and my sister and nieces started to boo hiss because I was embarrassing them with my fashion redundancy on the beach.

In fact, last week I took the embarrassment to a whole new level when I nearly lost my Milly bottoms walking out of the ocean. The bamboo ring completely split open on one side of my bikini bottom and the other is about to pop. It's now collecting disability. Fortunately, a Melissa Odabash white bikini bottom stepped up to the plate and is filling in for the time being til I can bear to bid adieu to the bandeau top as well...

On deck, waiting to be called into the game...a J. Crew 'lil seersucker cutie, a teenie weenie Pucci, and the Melissa Odabash top that will probably never get to see the light of day considering it's once matching bottom is, no more, since it's tango with the orphaned Milly bandeau. Two JV bikini's, a DVF string and a skimpy Melissa Odabash number, still benched in DC, may have to enter the game before I am mentally, i.e., physically, ready if I keep up this pace of wear and tear.

As a disclaimer, I must state that I was a competitive swimmer and bathing suits have always been somewhat of a utilitarian necessity. That, and as I mentioned, the company I keep on the beach enforce tough fashion standards. One week of wear before you start getting the ole stink eye. A weekly toss in the washer encased in a "delicates" bag is the extent of bathing suit care round these parts. But, I did a little research and found that The Laundress has made a Swimsuit Wash just for J. Crew. Maybe it can perform de-sanding miracles? I don't know. Unless it can glue back together one bamboo ring, I'm afraid you're on your own...XXOO

Kindness of loyal reader Allison, and her daughter, for being good sports!


  1. I have a trina Turk that lost its color in two gentle handwashings. Was I annoyed! I will try this product happily - anything to stop that effect on my pretty suits...

  2. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    A gather from your post that one should just let your bathing suit live its life to the fullest amongst the waves, then let it fade into retirement on a covered porch. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  3. Two words. "Forever New" - best stuff for lingerie and swimsuits although, obviously, it won't get sand out of the suits.

  4. This might be terrible, but I usually get in the shower w/ my swimsuit still on and then wash it w/ johnson & johnson baby shampoo while i'm in the shower and hang it to dry. I've been doing this for years and have some suits that I still wear 5-6 years later

  5. I am so sad that my Brooke is yellowing too. Boo!

  6. I have the Gwyneth and LOVE it.
    Your Pucci is to die for!


  7. I think the best thing for rinsing out a suit (inside out) is "dawn"- just one drop and then swish and rinse and hang inside out. A friend told me it is the best, and she knows her stuff.
    I love that you have a fan club! (go ask allie)