24 November, 2010

Report Just In From The Fairy Shoe Godmother

I hope you're well Alice! I'm not sure if I told you, but I'm in London on secondment now so, please let me know if you to come visit. Anyway, my new commuting lifestyle has caused me to already destroy several pairs of flats along the way - very sad, actually. Picture water coming in through leather and re heeled Reva's falling apart on the street. I've always loved ballet flats but, never found them terribly comfortable....until yesterday! I recalled something a doctor had mentioned to me during my induction at work about her shoes being more comfortable than bare feet. So I got them and am obsessed! They're called Bloch and are made by the same company who makes ballet shoes. You may have already heard of them but, in the event you hadn't, I had to let you know!!!!

Hope to see you soon!

Actually, Gretchen, I had not heard of Bloch ballet flats...

But, your credibility in the shoe department was solidified two Christmases ago with the Ferragamo peep-toe rec that sent Amy and I scurrying to the NYC store...

That, coupled with this exciting bit of Bloch intel Gretchen, and I have no choice but to bestow you with the title Fairy Shoe Godmother...

Annnd I suspect, that once our dear friend Amy reads this particular post, our day trip to Brussels next month may be replaced with a Chunnel ride...

They remind me so much of the Lanvin flats I have lusted over for sooo long but, somehow manage to always find myself in the company of the shopping chaperon whenever the opportunity presents itself...

But, in Paris, said chaperon will be outnumbered by myself, Amy and, our shopping big gun, Amy's mom. I'm betting good manners end up trumping killjoy chaperon duties. I bet the farm. And, a pair of ballet flats or two...

Kindness of Fairy Shoe Godmother Gretchen Berlin for the fabulous shoe find. Fingers crossed for a London
Bloch rendezvous over Christmas. Now that further due diligence has revealed Suri Cruise as a fan I can not allow myself to be out fashioned by a blankie carrying five year old...XXOO


  1. Thanks for sharing this great find.. as I transition to flats, its great to discover fashionable options!!! xo HHL

  2. Bloch is one of the more celebrated actual ballet shoe companies around, similar to Capezio, Freed, etc.

  3. Please tell me you've heard of Zappos!!

    A click and your mailman could have you arriving in Paris wearing new Bloch flats.

  4. If you'd like them before your trip, they're on Zappos, and many are on sale, for under $100. Even better? I just ordered a pair, and they have free overnight shipping right now. Arriving tomorrow. Super!

  5. Super cute!!! Had never heard of Bloch but what a great alternative to Revas. And, yes, get thee to Zappos stat - that's a prescription!

  6. Alice, you can also find them at Nordys and Bloomies. I tried a pair on last spring and they were very cute. But a little too snug on my extra large size feet.

  7. The roll-up Bloch ballet flats are perf for travel!

  8. As a long time wearer of Bloch for ballet slippers and pointe shoes, I can't wait to take a look!

  9. oh I think I am going to become a Bloch-head!

  10. I suddenly want to dance and do a pirouhette! (in a pair of those) They look (much) more comfy than point shoes.

  11. Allie dear,
    The girls (G&H) wear their Bloch ballet class slippers around the house, because they ARE as comfortable as bare footin', and those two are dependable for telling it like it is.

    Outstandingly reliable critics they are.

    Yes, you must give the Bloch flats a spin.....Ali

  12. The morphology of those things reframe the rationale for celibacy.

  13. Just received a pair of Bloch 'Rosalie' in 'Berry' and I highly suggest going up a half size. I read the reviews on Zappos and took that into consideration when ordering. They are pretty comfy compared to Revas - they don't seem to want to cause new-shoe-blisters. I would say perfect walking-to-the-Metro-in-Paris shoes.