08 November, 2010

Due Diligence For Sheridan French

I recently received a message from a friend alerting me to the debut of a fabulous Texas designer...

"Have you seen Sheridan French's new line? You are going to love it...thought of you when I saw it." Kirsten

And, well you should have Kirsten. This looks right up my bohemian prep alley. But, a li'l due diligence is in order sooo off to check in with my fashionable contacts at Sherman Pickey and The Love List...

Hey Ethan, I was wondering if you had heard of this line or may have seen any of her pieces firsthand? It looks quite nice but, I'd like to get a pro's opinion if possible. Thank you! XXOO

"Once again you have found an amazing line right up our alley Alice. We are totally in sync. The people at Sheridan French reached out to us and I love the line. We are hoping to see some samples but, I have a strong feeling that the line will be at Sherman Pickey this spring. Thanks for being so spot on and offering up your good taste, keep the suggestions coming."


Meanwhile, over on Facebook...Hi Jessica! Have you heard of Sheridan French or seen any of the line in person? If so, I would love your expert opinion...XXOO

"Yes I have! We are planning a post in the next week or two actually and we've emailed and asked for samples to shoot." Jessica

Annnd so begins the summer 2011 wish list...

Kindness of Kirsten Newman for the tip allowing me to get in on the
Sheridan French ground floor. And, kiss kiss to Ethan at Sherman Pickey and Jessica at The Love List for their esteemed opinions. Luuuv it when my due diligence is confined to Facebook and Gmail cuz that's about as professional as we get around here...XXOO


  1. LOVE at first sight!!! Many thanks for sharing --- off to shop!!! Xoxo-BLC

  2. I am loving the first look! Oh Summer come back soon! xx

  3. Looovvee the colors!

    I wish designers would offer more colorful winter attire ~sigh~

  4. Love her use of ikat prints on the tunics...totally gorge!!!

  5. We have an awesome interview with her up at our blog: gramercyboutique.blogspot.com We LOVE her so much!!! Can't wait to get her styles in stock! xo

  6. The girl is too skinny. I'm calling the Bone-y Police.

  7. Oh, my! Thanks for sharing the intell.

  8. Where have you been all my life and why didn't I see that you posted this?! You are so sweet and I am beyond flattered! Thrilled to hear you love the line...I am counting down the days until spring :) xoxo Sheridan

  9. ooh, i love all the bright colors and prints!