29 November, 2010

Business Class Stock List

Another one of the many habits I picked up in C'ville is my obsession for AG Angel cords. Nearly as comfy as sweats and waaay more flattering...

Looking to add a pair in Super Black to my repertoire and, as luck would have it, Shop LA Style is offering 25% off them (and everything else) through tomorrow with the code TGIBF. Free shipping's the cherry on top...

Also, on the hunt for an affordable Gwynnie style worthy look to accompany me across the pond next month...

J. Crew's Satin-Lapel Tuxedo Jacket is a close enough piece of the outfit puzzle which would be perf for the plane and versatile enough for a week's worth of Paris mileage...

Throw in Johnstons of Elgin's black cashmere stole and I'd be hot on GP's tall, black, sure to be Hermes riding boot heels...

I drooled over her tweed hacking jacket too but, alas, I'm pretty certain that would involve calling on Maxminusabudget for a peeksie at his li'l black book of bespoke...

And, since Babe would bewoop my bespoke butt, I'll comprimise with Crew's Velvet Schoolboy Blazer in darkest indigo, swank it up with the Johnstons of Elgin blackwatch cashmere shawl I already own, and call it a draw...

Kindness of my mom who can expect me to swing by later this week for a quick pillaging of her closet. There's just GOT to be a Ralph Lauren tweed jacket or four I've cast off over the years waiting to be resurrected in there...XXOO


  1. Bobby from Boston had a stellar vintage bespoke hacking jacket the other month that would have fit you I bet. Butcept it was in black. And finally, thank you so much for the first two photos in this post...my feet have yet to hit the floor and I've already been exposed to one of the top reasons why any man should continue to wake up every morning. No need for the Butt Police there...maybe only for baseline-calibration purposes.

  2. Love your picks. I have those AG in black and gray and love them, just wish, they were a wee bit longer.
    Great jackets!

  3. Love. That blazer would be perfect!

    Also, officially just added the AG cords to my list! xoxo

  4. Allie, I have Crew's velvet schoolboy blazer in three colors and 2 of each of the same color for a total of 5 (shhhhh...!!) of these beautes......
    These blazers are impeccable - well tailored and well made - can't help but stock up on something this good.
    You will be quite happy with yours.

  5. That is a great look for you as you are a Gwyn look a like

  6. You are going to be SO BCBG the French will roll over and say "croissant!"

  7. AG jeans are my absolute favorites.

    I got a J. Crew black velvet blazer a few years ago and it wears like iron...I wonder if the darkest indigo (on sale!) is far enough away from black.....

  8. right before I read this post I bought the velvet blazer in cobblestone. i hope i like it. also, keep all the wedding things coming, as I am about to start planning my cville wedding...ahhh!!!

  9. Great post. Can’t wait to read the next ones :)