09 November, 2010

Dipping My Toes Into The Holiday Pool...

Heads up on a few holiday items that have a smidge of an expiration date...

The bff Kimba and I are card carrying members of the Molton Brown Amber Cocoon cult and hoard stock up when our favorite scent is rolled out for the holiday season each year...

An August visit to the Molton Brown store, conveniently located across from Babe's NYC office, paid in spades when I became privy to company intel concerning the currently debuting Amber Cocoon gift set. Between both items, I have all hostess gifts and a couple of Christmas presents checked off my holiday to do list...

And, passing on my timely pic text reminder from Tickled Pink and Green that the discounted Steinbach nutcrackers are now available for the season at Home Goods and Marshall's and I better get mine while the gettin's good...

*Free shipping available now through December 25 at Molton Brown on orders of $50 or more when you using the code HOLIDAY...

Kindness of moi for reminding myself of the mental note I made last Christmas to NOT take Babe with me when choosing this year's addition to my Steinbach collection if I want the biggest, i.e., most expensive, of the lot...XXOO


  1. You should really just keep babe locked up at work or home... for safety's sake ;)

  2. Do Molton Brown products provide a complete ingredient list on their respective containers/packaging?
    On the website, ingredient lists, per each product, are incomplete.
    Mostly concerned about sulfates, parabens and fake color.
    The products look nice.
    Please advise, thank you.

  3. thank you for keeping me in the know, it is pretty "podunk" up in the Frozen Tundra- I am going to have to also hop on the bandwagon now too!



  4. Amber Cocoon is to die for.... heavenly!

  5. Okay, I'm looking at one of my Molton Brown bottles of Rosé Granati hand wash and it does provide a complete list of ingredients. I do see the word sulfate once and a couple of colors listed last but, no mention of paraben. But, that's okay with me cuz I don't plan on drinking the stuff. Just your general washing of the ole mitts whilst enjoying the lovely scent...XXOO

  6. If I were going to drink it, I would insist on rum in the ingredient list.

  7. Yay!! Thanks to you I've done quirw a bit of my Christmas shopping. These really are lovely
    products. The fragrances are divine.

  8. this is the perfect gift and those nutcrackers
    are too cute!! Always enjoy reading your post!! ; )



  9. I love Molton Brown so much that we bought sets for the powder rooms at the museum we had our wedding reception. To. Die. For!!! As always, you have the most excellent taste.

  10. that was just the little push I need to begin my own Steinbach collection! Off to TJ's.....