12 November, 2010

Alice's Holiday

"Every preppie woman has a friend who is a jewelry designer." True Prep

Well, not only am I fortunate enough to count the très talented Meg Carter as my friend but, now she's named an earring in my honor to boot...

"What to do when a new design carries the name of a wonderful old friend from 20 years of summers together (jewelry aficionado and friend extraordinaire Alice B of Maine and Princeton), as well as a fabulous new friend and design soul mate from the blogosphere? (Alice R of 'Summer is a Verb')? The answer: make sure it comes in several colors!" Meg Carter

And, I'm already dreaming of green...

Kindness of Meg Carter for such a thoughtful gesture. Jane Birkin has the Birkin bag...Teddy Roosevelt has the Teddy bear...and now, I have Alice's Holiday. Of course, as ambassador of the design, I feel 'tis only my duty to eventually have them in every color. Ohhh Baaabe...XXOO


  1. Lovely honor indeed...I love the blue!

  2. What an honor and what a great friendship you two must have!

  3. "Every preppie woman has a friend who is a jewelry designer." True Prep

    That is too funny! My friends certainly do.

    Love Alice's Holiday, Meg has done it again :-)

  4. Meg Carter earrings named after you...woohoo! They are lovely! xx

  5. What an honor!! I just looovvee the turquoise pair!!!

  6. Just for fun, I hope you are planning to watch Gywneth on Glee next Tuesday...enjoy the preview clip, just released! Love her cute outfit!


  7. Those earrings on Christmas Day - Perfection. Congrats on being immortalized in a girl's favorite: the land of jewelry!!

  8. Congratulations...so beautiful.