16 November, 2010

Bridesmaids Gift Series: Janie Schoenborn of Lilly Pulitzer

I met Lilly Pulitzer's Director of Fashion, Janie Schoenborn, at the Madison Ave store during Lilly's Jubilee celebration. Not only was Janie sweet as pie but, I am officially going on record declaring her long, vintage Lilly patchwork skirt, hot pink cashmere cardi and Jennifer Miller turquoise chandelier earrings that day one of theee best outfits of all time...

Lilly Pulitzer is so proud to be a part of many summer weddings. Lilly lovers from around the world send us pictures of their bridesmaids decked in Lilly, the groomsmen in ties…everyone having a fabulous time – OF COURSE!

The best part? Spoiling the girls you love as a thank you for their support during the wedding. Being a bridesmaid is hard work! When in doubt? GO CRAZY and get them something special to remember the event. Hopefully, it is something they can wear for the wedding and for years to come…

Everyone needs a wrap and the Murfee Scarf is the perfect dash of print…

And the beauty of it is that each bridesmaid can have her own print or they can be decked in the same...

So many to choose from...

We also have solid cashmere options in case your bridesmaid dresses are printed, which at Lilly is very likely...

Nothing says I LOVE YOU like a big present waiting for your bridesmaid when she arrives. Filling a Lilly tote with the essentials (lip gloss, Altoids, aspirin...) and having it waiting in her room upon arrival? Such a kind gesture...

And, there are sooo many prints to choose from!

Just be sure to include another essential, one of our printed koozies in the goodies bag!

All my best,

Kindness of the très talented Janie Schoenborn of Lilly Pulitzer for her joyous and colorful contribution. Not only fabulous loot to thrill any bridesmaid but, more than one item that would fit quite nicely into this gal's stocking...XXOO


  1. Isn't Janie the best??? I am LOVING these bridesmaid posts. Of course I had to give my bridesmaids something Lilly --- I opted for the Essentially Lilly: A Guide to Colorful Entertaining. I have visited all my bridesmaids in the last 9 months and each one of them has the book on their coffee table!!! They just LOVE it (and so do I). Xoxo-BLC

    PS: I want to see a picture from YOUR wedding!!! :)

  2. Wonderful post. Great idea to solicit her opinion.

  3. I LOVE Janie! I got to see her working in the design studio at the Pink Palace. She is amazing!

  4. I love Janie - does she have the best job or what?

  5. Hi guys! You are SO KIND to me, thank you. I do have the best job :). Happy you like the suggestions and MANY MANY thanks to Alice. I am off to the warehouse sale - anyone coming? xx