23 November, 2010

Lolly And Her Bag O' Tricks

There are certain concessions I have learned to make over the years for my Ti-Babes...

Such as...years of investing in Simon Pearce has really been for the masses. And, that's our water...

Using the bathroom is like having an audience with the Pope. Every time...

Annd, all electronic devices are fair game as heating pads in the cold months and, ya better learn to never turn your back on your toasty laptop keyboard unless you are extremely versed in the F1-12 keys and have a disposable hour in your day...

But, sweet li'l Miss Lolly Cakes has just unveiled a whole new bag o' tricks that is keeping Mummy on her toes...

So, if I want to continue indulging the orchid habit I picked up in C'ville, I'll need to keep all the King's horses and all the King's men on the payroll...

Oh, and the fancy Sabon Aroma oil and sticks Lucile brought me from NYC that I use to keep the bathroom litter closet smelling lovely?

Yeeeaaah, I'll never have to worry about smelling litter EVER again within a 500 square foot radius of that closet...

But, the pièce de résistance in that bag o' tricks...

The one that draws a crowd...

The one that maintains an exhausting schedule of three shows per day annnd a matinée on Sundays..

The one that regularly scares the dickens outta ya in the shower as your line of sight suddenly picks up a flying ball of fur...

The one that means to draw Mummy's attention away from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and squarely on the true starlet...

Is theee one with a short shelf life cuz it's one week and counting til we bid those front nails adieu...

Yup, the playing field's about to be evened out...

But, ya had a good run while it lasted Cakers...

Kindness of our precious Lolly who gets off scott free from all offenses for being such a joyful addition to our family. Also, to Babe's med school friend and occassional NYC dinner date, Nelly Schottel, for alerting us the the fact that Pilgie's name reads as Pil-ghee (hard g, long e's) and not how it's actually pronounced, Peel-chjaaay (soft j, long a's). Although, these days he's rockin Papillon (said with a French accent, as in, papi-YAAAN) in honor of our looming Paris trip...XXOO

ps...be sure to check out Nelly's sister's hysterical blog Marg's in the City. Tina Fey outta watch her back.


  1. Oh, how I love your kitty posts. This one is especially good. Love the acrobatics! You leave me laughing out loud in front of my computer. Thank you!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen kitties with as much personality as yours.

    My grandparents had Himmies and one in particular, Le Roi (or Biggie as we called him), used to scare my mother to death when he'd stay with us while my grandparents traveled. He'd hop to the top of the kitchen cabinets and then walk across them to sit on the veeeeerrrry narrow curtain rod above the sink. Mother was terrified he'd fall and kill himself. Not because she adored him but rather she didn't want to be blamed for his untimely death. Thankfully Biggie lived to the ripe old age of 14. :-)

  3. You just gotta love them! Those little sweet cheeks could never do any wrong! Mine climbs up the panes in the french doors and the word no is not in her vocabulary!


  4. But they are too cute to ever really be cross with!

  5. Dear Alice,

    I love your blog, it is great !!!
    I very much enjoyed your husband's book as well. I also love the pictures of your kitties. We have a red abssynian. For Lolly's and your sake please consider not declawing her. Over the years, I have spoken to a number of vets and they told me removing a cat's front claws, is like removing a perons fingers. They keep feeling as if they are there and try to act as if they still have them. This can cause them stress and to be neurotic. I know you love her and want the best for her. There are sprays that can be used on furniture that will discourage them from scratching and won't harm them or the furniture. Please reconsider and give Lolly a reprieve.

    All The Best,


  6. Thank you so much Steve for giving a polite, constructive, and obviously caring, objection as well as courageously signing your name. Both gestures greatly appreciated. We have never taken the decision to declaw lightly but, feel it's in the best interest of everyone involved. And, while the furniture (pricey bed linens, Hermes ties, Pilgie, us...) does take quite a beating it's mostly Lolly that is a danger to herself. We have had thorough discussions with our vet and, although are sure to shed a few tears, we are putting our trust in her hands. I hope that we can agree to disagree and remain friends...XXOO Alice

  7. Dear Alice,

    Thank you very much for your gracious response. I respect your decision. Of course we can remain friends, I never had any doubts.
    All the best for a great Thanksgiving to you and Dr. R. !

    Best Regards,

    Steven M.

  8. What a little entertainer! My previous kitty, whom I named Portia after Portia in Merchant of Venice because she was so clever and smart, used to jump up onto the back door (one with the 9 window panes) and stare through the window when she was ready to come inside. We were used to it, but guests would always be startled out of their skin. So funny to us! We usually had to bring out another bottle of wine after one of her jump and hang routines! :-) Happy Thanksgiving, Alice and family. xoxo

  9. I love that you have a litter CLOSET! But please do re-think having Lolly declawed!

  10. Please, please, please reconsider your declawing decision. It really is a cruel thing to do, and if she's already getting into all sorts of things and knocking stuff over, it sounds like she's feeling a bit bored. Could you install a gigantic (yet tasteful) scratching post where the two sides of the window join? See www.moderncat.net for suggestions. I have friends who have declawed their cats only to have the cats start to urinate indiscriminately on rugs and furniture--far worse than "distressed" furniture. And if you have two cats, one declawed and one not, you're putting the declawed cat at a dangerous disadvantage. Please, please, please don't declaw.