19 November, 2010

Bridesmaids Gift Series: Alice Indelicato of North River Outfitter

Alice Indelicato of North River Outfitter and I connected through our mutual friend Abbi. It's only a matter of time Alice before we finally meet in person. I am champing at the bit for Babe to land a study in Boston so I'll have an excuse to visit you at NRO. And, lemme tell ya...I ain't leaving without one of those large leather foot stools. Even if it means buying TWO train tickets for the ride home...

Jewelry or a wrap is always a good bridesmaid gift however, a bit predictable. I think I've received a strand of pearls three times now. Sometime its nice, once you've been in several weddings, to get something a little different. Something just for you and not for wearing in the wedding. Preferably something monogrammed...

For this I suggest our Jon Hart products like the Holiday Tote...

Since this Texas based company allows you to choose from a variety of colors, with hot stamp or gold leaf monogram styles, the gift could be unique to each girl...

Another stylish, colorful option would be the best-selling JPK Paris Bucket bag...

And, so many colors to choose from...

A fun jewelry option would be a couple Lilly Pulitzer Ms. Bo-Bangles. Finally, a bangle you can wear if you have little hands or wrists. Cute on everyone!

And, you couldn't go wrong with Stephen Bonanno's Emma monogrammed sandal. The possible color combinations are endless...

Best wishes from North River Outfitter!

Kindness of Alice Indelicato of NRO for all her stylish suggestions. Can I just tell you Alice, I met my friend for a morning workout last week and shrieked when I saw her purse. I recognized her JPK Paris Bucket bag from your email! I was so proud. Until the envy kicked in...XXOO

*All you DC gals and guys don't forget the Junior League of Washington's 52nd Annual A Capital Collection of Holiday Shops begins today and runs through the weekend. Lotsa preppy merchants with loads of fabulous loot...


  1. A Main Line Lilly LoverNovember 19, 2010 at 8:40 AM

    Don't forget those you in the greater Philly area that today and tomorrow is the semi-annual Lilly Warehouse sale featuring Holiday and Resort 2010. Click here for the 411.

  2. Just love NRO....my fav boutique in Boston....just like a candy store!!!

  3. Thanks so much for all the posts this week! I looked forward to seeing all the ideas each morning.
    I'm way past the bridesmaid gift stage in life, but I thought the suggestions were just great gift ideas in general.
    Thanks again for pulling this together...I've just added a few things to my Christmas list!

  4. Love my Jon Hart luggage I have about five pieces in Ocean Blue. It's amazing... Love it.

  5. I loooove NRO. Just got a fab Lilly dress from there! They always seem to somehow have my fave piece from each season in stock!

  6. Alice: First time post-er! Love you site and even though I have been married 20+ years I love looking at these ideas. Hope you and Babe have a great holiday. Am trying to talk the hubs into Paris for Christmas.

  7. NRO is wonderful and the salespeople are so nice and helpful.....maybe I'll have to stroll over for a new bucket bag!