17 November, 2010

Bridesmaids Gift Series: Kelley King of KEP Designs

Kelley Pillman King knows a thing or two about outfitting wedding parties, including her own. Ohhh Kelley...did I mention the time this past August when I stealthily slipped out on a napping Babe at the Palace and hightailed it over to KEP with much ill intent for sleeping beauty's AmEx? Sadly for moi, but lucky for Babe, summer store hours were in effect. I should have left a bottle of Windex tied up with a bow on your stoop cuz I gave whole new meaning to the phrase "window shopping"...

At KEP we love working with Brides to create bridesmaids jewelry. Ideally, we like to have brides come into our Upper East Side shop so that we may sit down and design pieces with them in person. That being said, we have worked with many, many brides near and far on the telephone and over email. We offer a Bridesmaids Discount on every piece with percentage off dependent upon the pieces each bride selects...

We recently worked with a Bride who is getting married in New York City this winter. She had been searching for a unique gift for her bridesmaids. The bride has chosen one of our fav Bridal necklaces, the potato pearls with the tulip...

We had 16 different tulip variations made to fit each of her Bridesmaids tastes. They look so amazing all together!

My new favorite KEP pieces are the Maggie Earrings, named after my adorable one-year-old daughter. They are perfect for a larger wedding party. For instance, if a Bride has 8 bridesmaids she can choose 8 different stones and we can have them made so each Bridesmaid’s receives a different variation. My go to earrings are the chyrsoporse and sapphire — navy and kelley green! They are stunning...

Another fabulous option is our new long necklaces. We offer the necklaces in many different stones; black onyx, hot pink quartz, and navy quartz just to name a few. They can be worn long or wrapped around twice for a double strand. We have loved mixing in gold beads but again, these can all be made custom for each Bride...

Our Flower Enamel Collection has become very popular, particularly as a bridesmaid’s gift. The collection includes earrings and necklaces and we have 22 different colors to choose from. Many Brides have used pieces from this collection for shower gifts, presents for readers, and of course Bridesmaids jewelry...

I could go on and on. We have so many fantastic ideas and are constantly coming up with new choices. Oh, I almost forgot! Charm Bangles where each girl can sport a different motif and color. At KEP we have many options to thank those ladies in your life who are by your side from the first date to your wedding day...

Thank you for including us!

Kindness of Kelley Pillman King and Julia Daniel of KEP Designs for their drool worthy contribution to the series. All I've got to say is, Babe better keep a close eye on his AmEx theee very next time I join him in the city cuz I plan to do a lot more damage than smudging up your windows...XXOO


  1. Heck, these goodies are all reason enough to say yes to being a bridesmaid! I love the idea of a charm bangle.
    Perfect with jeans too! You sure know how to seal the deal with trinkets and treasures.

  2. Love the UES shop! It's adorable.

  3. Ashley the Bride to BeNovember 17, 2010 at 1:44 PM

    I am back home after a few days out of town on a business trip and am catching up on the delightful posts this week (my phone was just not sufficient for viewing all of the photos!).

    I cannot thank you enough for all of the lovely suggestions from you and your talented contributors!

    Now, how will I ever decide which gifts make the cut for my bridesmaids...!