02 November, 2010

Patagonia Wish List

Patagonia is one of those purchases that never counts cuz it's considered a necessity. That's my story and I'm stickin with it...

And, just in case ya needed another excuse, now through November 6th they're offering 15% off an order of $50 or more when you mention the code M2981325...

Ever the faithful wife, I put my husband's needs first on this wish list annnd I happen to have it on very good authority that the men's Better Sweater is theee item of the season...

Fortunately, Babe's necessity list is always très shorter than mine sooo off to the women's section 'tis. And, looky what's making a comeback; the ole Snap-T Pullover...

I used to have these in a stack of colors and the backseat of my car was never without one. In case of emergency...

Not quite sure what kind of weather to expect for the Kiawah half-marathon in December but, in case it's nippy, this Capilene Midweight T-Neck in black would be perfectly toasty. And slimming...

Here's where Babe throws a yellow flag on the field when he sees the Down Sweater Vest and wonders what could possibly be wrong with the black North Face puffer vest I already own. It went to a new home with Hilary Babe. The final resting place for all my size smalls these days...

Kindness of my mom who is reading this post over her morning tea in Mexico and noting that Babe will take a medium
Better Sweater in Stonewash por favor. Roasting pan for me, CHECK! Fleece for Babe, checkity CHECK! That's what ya call killing two Christmas gifts in two posts...XXOO


  1. Still have my first 2 Patagonias, a waterproof wind shell and lined ski jacket, from '85-ish
    My 15 year old son likes to wear them, now.

    Have always kept a stash in the back of my car and in a guest closet - relegated the old 80s snap t-necks to further service for outdoor venues.

    Their WaterGirl stretch yoga style pants aka: Women's Serenity Tights, with roll waist are excellent, too!!

  2. Ahhhhhhh! I did a little post on Patagonia today! xx

  3. I just bought the Women's Torrentshell Jacket in Natural. I love it...so lightweight and the color selection is totally gorgeous. Lusting after that down sweater vest too!!!

  4. I think a stop at Patagucci may be in order during my Newbury Street expedition this weekend. I've been looking for a black down vest forevah!

    Thanks :-)

  5. Are you kidding? You still seem like a size small to me. :-)

  6. Patagonia. Absolutely a brand hero all the way around. If I were a brand I'd like to be them.

  7. Patagonia? Necessity? Absolutely.

  8. Visited the Barbour Outlet last Saturday and was thinking I needed a new Patagonia underneath...thanks for the coupon tip!

  9. Patagonia. Nice. Classic. (Don't tell my 'trad' brethren). Always had a couple of these in the line-up.

    Your Mum's in Mexico, where? I was just there.