01 November, 2010

A Gentlemen And Ladies Affair

Every morning, after the grooming is complete, the Ti-Babes host a brunch...

Most days, they patiently wait for the timely arrival of their guests...

But, on occasion, there's that guest who shows up fashionably early before Mummy has even set the table. Sometimes even boldly peering in, li'l face pressed against the glass whilst tapping on his wrist watch. You think I jest...

But, everyone is always most grateful for the generous spread their hosts lay out...

And, best manners are always on display...

Right down to the last few morsels...

And, once the guests have all left, the hosts enjoy the usual post party chatter rehashing the morning's event...

Kindness of the feral kitty that showed up uninvited this past weekend nearly ruining the entire affair. This is an invitation only event Monsieur and crashers are most unwelcome. A flier is currently circulating around the hood with your picture on it and security detail has been stepped up at the velvet rope...XXOO


  1. Charlottesville MicaelaNovember 1, 2010 at 12:20 AM

    Hi Alice! Here I am on night float enjoying your blog. Your kitties are so cute, I am increasingly tempted to get one for myself. You've mentioned in passing their grooming routine, which intimidates me a little. How do you maintain their glamorous coiffure?

  2. You are too funny!!! We have 3 pups who are not gracious hosts/hostesses at all. In fact the only woodland friends we have are those who are agile enough to get to the tops of the trees when spotted!!

  3. Love those two...they are adorable! My mother's himalayan cat, Violet does the same thing each day!!

  4. Thank you for making me smile today with the photos and descriptions of your beautiful kitties. Two weeks ago, I very suddenly lost my very special Princess Fiona who was my British Shorthair cat and was only four. She was "my love" and I'm pretty lost without her. Not much has been making me smile so this was nice. I enjoy your blog, you are so funny, keep it up and thanks.

  5. What beauties and cuties. Looks like the little one is going to be
    bathed or else they are in for a bit of rousting about.
    Great post.

  6. HA! The post script on this entry had my rolling. You are the bestest, A. XO