22 July, 2010

Glamourpuss NYC

Last week's gold strike in my Hampton's Magazine was this pic of the gorgeous Gigi Mortimer wearing a Glamourpuss NYC Beach Poncho of her own design...

Glamourpuss...Glamourpuss...where have I heard that company before and how am I just hearing of these gorgeous Ponchos?

Well, after a little navigating around the Glamourpuss site, including the muy importante shopping cart, I found my answer when I spied my very own "Summer is a Verb" blog listed under Press. Little ole moi??? Nope. Turns out I can't take the credit since it was Meg Carter's Christmas wish list that had the Glamourpuss fur funnel on it...

K, mystery solved and Meg's good taste solidified. Now, back to that all important shopping cart and the above Beach Poncho Pink...

Kindness of Toad of To The Manor Born blog for sweetly delivering the news of my recent New York Times Magazine mention as soon as it hit the presses. What a fabulous piece of news to open on one's Crackberry first thing in the morn. Merci Toad, merci...XXOO


  1. I worked with Gigi at Ralph eons ago. She always exuded major wasp style, that sort of old glamour that is one is just born with. Carefree, untamed and fun.
    Love the tops and those fur muffs! How fun.

  2. I just had a brilliant idea - you should team up with Daily Candy to produce a Preppy, online ordering edition. Every day you would write about the things that inspire you. And of course you would get sent gobs of free swag by companies in hopes that you would send business their way.

    Totally loving this ... now off to my own shopping cart. Naughty me.

  3. big time Als, BIG TIME, when you have press that you don't even know about!



  4. Congrats!!

    I saw the NYT Mag at my parent's and ran out of time to read it, drats.

  5. I saw that two (?) weeks ago and wondered why you hadn't mentioned it!

  6. I'm a sucker for a fun poncho! They are so great!!!

  7. What beautiful ponchos! I am going to this site now... this could be dangerous!!

  8. Love it, i'm behind on the NY times magazines because I just steal the ones that my friend gets with his subscription, but have been home from college for a while!

  9. AllieVonNewYorkTimesAgain?....,

    Toad let me know too. Sweet ole Toad !