20 July, 2010

Luna & Lola

I never close my Hamptons Magazine without having acquired some, as Gwynnie P would say, important "make, go, get, do, be, or see" tidbit. A couple of weeks ago it was Priscilla Rattazzi's Luna & Lola book...

A photographic memoir of Luna the Golden Retriever and Lola the Dachshund...

A "charismatic duo" who were also the privileged grandcanines of the late Susanna Agnelli...

And, the best of friends...

I highly suspect there is some heartbreak within this beautiful tale...

But, what furry soul's journey on this earth would be complete without a lesson in love for us two legged pupils...

Kindness of Pilgie who will give his Mama lots of kisses and loving during her initial reading of this book. I foresee lotsa salty discharge...XXOO


  1. I hope you will share the contents of the book in your talented writing style. I can't read it. No elective tears here. xoxo

  2. Those are some lovely dogs. I think I will be passing on that if it has a sad ending.

  3. Golden Retriever and Dachshund... remind you of anyone? :)

  4. Priscilla Rattazzi's the chair of the US section of the school where I worked in Wales. She's lovely and charming, so I am not surprised that she'd create a book like this.

  5. Time and again, I am inspired by four-legged love and how it can show us two-legged creatures ways of kindness.

  6. I'm tearing up just looking at the pictures. There is just something about those 4 legged pals...

  7. beautiful pictures. reminds of the relationship my Golden has with my in-laws' Basset Hound. thanks for sharing and take care.

  8. ok-turn me over I'm done. A sucker for golden's (I have always had at least one) I just finished reading a GORGEOUS book, you will like," Old Dogs are the Best dogs" Beautiful B&W images. check out my blog for some shots of my girl Ruby, strutin' her stuff on the beach in MA. www.kateuhryphoto.blogspot.com.Just added you as one of my favorite reads on blogspot. Our mutual girl's (the Ciciotte's) turned me on to this delicious blog of yours!

  9. I wish I could get shots of my children in those poses never mind my pets!