12 July, 2010

Jules Reid Virtual Trunk Show

You have great taste. The Montauk blouse you bought in light blue ikat is in the July issue of Town & Country. It looks cool. I am excited!

Ohhh, I know Jules. Believe me, I honed in on that immediately when I cracked my issue of T&C...

I can also add the June issue of Lucky to my "press file" for featuring my most recent JR purchase...

Of course, this gorgeous picture of you wearing the Kimono in elephant love blue had nooo influence whatsoever on my color choice...

So what's my excuse to get the Teddy? How about a Jules Reid virtual trunk show hosted by Jessica at The Love List, beginning at noon today, with 25% off all sales? Welp, sounds like a viable excuse to me...

Kindness of
Jules Reid and Jessica Nell Graves at The Love List for the chance to check the last item off my JR spring/summer wish list. Now, let's see how fast my purchasing trigger finger is before Babe reads this and puts up a Living La Visa Loca roadblock...XXOO


  1. Living La Visa Loca - omg!hahahaha!

  2. The event starts at 12 noon EST :) Thanks for the post A!

  3. Congratulations on yet ANOTHER well-deserved shout-out in Sunday's NYT!

  4. Congrats on the Times mention! I was like, omg, I follow that blog! Good for you!

  5. We are humbled in the presence of a Blogger who gets mentioned in NYT Sunday Mag!~ Well done....

  6. Merci to everyone for all the well wishes. I am sooo appreciative of each and every pat on the back...XXOO

  7. Congrats! So excited for you and so well deserved!

  8. looooooves it!

    and loooove you!



  9. I am in love with Jules Reid line!!! I have a blog post going out today about her --- obsessssssssssed!!! Couldn't you just live in her clothes ALL summer!? I could, I could!!! Xoxo-BLC

  10. Congrats! This is definitely the best blog around.

  11. You ain't got no Bohemian nothin'. Preppy girl that you are. A little bit of breakfast waffle is now lodged in my sinus after my snort ...upon reading the opening line of this post.

    Now I on the other hand AM a former hippie.