21 December, 2009

Fancy Duo Christmas Wish List Guest Post

Today's wish list comes from two of my fancy shmantzy friends, Meg Carter and Amy Fahrenkopf. One is on intimate terms with Lilly Pulitzer and the other has been known to have "Oval Office" as her Facebook status. I thrive in being in the shadows of such fabulousity...

It comes as no surprise to me that I should want everything on Meg Carter's wish list. Not only have we both worn the same perfumes since high school (Lauren and Cristalle) but, also have the same taste in Belgians, fuzzy leopards please! You know what they say...Keep your friends close, and your friends that hobnob with Lilly Pulitzer closer...

"This Glamourpuss NYC grey fur funnel was too good to pass up - it's already sitting under the tree, wrapped and labeled To Meg, From Meg"...

"Sea World bag by Mary Frances..."

"Grey Roger Vivier pumps (although I may wait for the mid-heel). Have you watched the video on the Roger Vivier website? Candy for the eyes..."

"And, of course I am eagerly awaiting my new Jo Malone winter scent on your recommendation. My brother thanks you for letting him cross me off his list without ever leaving his desk."

"Christmas isn't complete without a new stack of books. I am hoping for the new Kelly Wearstler book..."

"...and I have given Christmas at the New Yorker many times and still enjoy pulling it out every year. Also in our Christmas stack are Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory, Watch For the Light: Readings For Advent and Christmas, and an early copy of Anne Morrow Lingbergh's Christmas in Mexico (from the period when her father was the ambassador)."

"Can't reveal what I am getting my friends, except I know I am safe from discovery from my father-in-law who has never touched a computer in his life. He's getting a wool Christmas waistcoat from J. McLaughlin. I debated between blue with reindeer and wreaths, or the green with Christmas trees. I liked the blue better, but decided the green was the safer bet..."

"Merry Christmas to one and all! I am so grateful for all the new friends 2009 has brought into my life..."

I live, travel and shop vicariously through my friend Amy. Just receiving an email that reads, "You would have died at this royal club last night. Beautiful place, beautiful people, a handful of dukes and earls" is proximity enough to give me a thrill...

"The Louis Vuitton Mahina Lunar PM bag in saddle. The dream gift..."

"Chanel pearl necklace with interlocking C's..."

"Mad Men Seasons One and Two. Already a classic..."

"Ippolita Rock Candy mini-lollipop mother of pearl earrings..."

"J. Crew Gypsy Rose metallic cami..."

"Lululemon Groove Pant because you can never have too many..."

"Hanky Pankys. Again, because you can never have too many...

"Tumi International carry-on. Unfortunately a necessity but, the red makes packing more fun and the expansion makes room for purchases!"

"Louis Vuitton Monogram Shawl in Pomme d'amour or casis...

"Wolf Hall, the latest Booker Prize winner..."

Kindness of Meg Carter and Amy Fahrenkopf for allowing me to name drop so shamelessly. My scent twin Meg, your generosity seems endless. And Amy, I will forever be enrolled in your Finishing School of Fashion, Politics and Travel...XXOO


  1. Your friend is right. Lulemon is great. And I just adore Meg Carter's jewelry. Her Christmas list is TDF.

  2. Just yesterday, I was told to read Wolf Hall -
    what a list....

  3. I LOVE those m-o-p earrings. I think my life is incomplete until I get a pair!

    love that Meg gives herself presents- that is what my dad does- usually guns or golf clubs!



  4. Alice, We need to start playing Lotto together - the coincidences keep raining in. I just finished Wolf Hall last night! hated to see it end.

    Merry Christmas and thanks for another fun post!