09 July, 2010

July 4th Weekend

Babe and I had such a great July 4th weekend together...

We strolled down to the annual Fenwick Island bonfire beach party...

Where there's clearly a relaxed dress code requiring nothing more than the donning of civilian clothes on top of one's salty, sandy, unshowered self. We don't take the makeup and blow dry scene lightly round these parts...

Fortunately, dusk is most forgiving of this crime...

As are my parents, where we squeezed in a quick fireworks pre show along with some red, white and blue tie-dye cake before bouncing...

Making it back to the beach house rooftop deck just in time to marvel in a 360° multi show firework extravaganza from as far away as Rehoboth Beach. Perfect ending to a perfect July 4th. Or, so we thought...

Turns out Emma and Sally weren't "relaxing" on the beach that day. They were "resting up"...

The REAL fireworks didn't start until around 11pm that night...

And raged until well into July 5th...

Talk about a front row seat. I'm still in a sleep deficit from all the "fun"...

I had to shield Pilgie's eyes the next morning when he asked to be let out on the porch. I don't think so Pips. Park's closed for maintenance!

And guess who got that job...

Kindness of Hilary who was on Pilgie patrol during the soirée ensuring that he didn't gate crash. He had endless tricks up his sleeve trying to give her the slip but Hilbils was one tough bouncer. Don't feel bad Pips, we've all been there...XXOO


  1. Looks like quite the weekend! Glad it was a fun one. And I will be on vacation next week in Rehoboth beach! Fancy that :)

  2. You and Babe are such doll-babes! Love the pics showing the aftermath of a July 4th mixer. I find collegiate style partying requires getting into shape. Without being in shape, it's much like my 60 year old body doing - well, trying to do - P90X. ;-) xoxo

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! Oh to be that young and free again!

  4. Old OC BeachgoerJuly 9, 2010 at 9:51 AM

    Wow, Natty Boh, Natty Light, and Keystone! Now that is a beach party. I hope they were purchased in a "suitcase" pack. God Bless America.

  5. Haha too funny! Sounds like a great 40J!

  6. I've finally recovered from all the 4th fun, just in time for the weekend!

    Blue and green are your colors, girl.

  7. Looks like a huge time was had by all.

  8. Okay, I was really scared for a minute. Looked like Josh had 'curlers' in his hair, but alas, they were sunglasses. WHEW!

    Will you be in town the 21st? My book signing party is that night. Let me know.

  9. I read ADG's comment as, "Looks like a *high* time was had by all." don't wear readers. Must have been the pictorial.

    ~ Anonymous in Boca

  10. Made the Times again, eh? Great job.

  11. I lovvvve summer bonfires... looks like an amazing weekend! xoxo

  12. It's been a week since July 4th. Any additional emesis?

  13. My nurse accompanied my to Rehoboth last Saturday for just the day; it was quite a long one at that. Do you happen to know of a hotel that has a reasonable rate for the night? Thanks for the restaurant recommendations.

  14. The only hotel recommendation I have for Rehoboth Beach is the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel which is on the beach. I'm sure there are other nice accomodations but, this is the only one I truly know of...XXOO

  15. finally I have some time to catch up and see what delights have been gracing your daily life....I have missed so much during the move, but I will say (if you don't mind me saying so) Babe is one babe ;-) and you look fab ala beach comber.

    I am now hunting for a good tapestry to keep me company while I wait for sexy lexy to arrive in sept but have no idea where to shop for one in the US, where do you get yours and who is the fav American brand I should look out for?