13 July, 2010

Gypset Groupie

Babe mocks me endlessly about my underlying Bohemian vibe...

When I emerged from the bedroom on Saturday prancing about in my new Jules Reid Kimono, he asked if we were getting "high" in the car on the way to the party...

Mock away funnyman cuz I have fooouuund my religion and Gypset Style is my new bible...

Gypset = Jet Set + Gypsy so now, I finally have a name for my India Hicks...

...meets Ralph Lauren...

...meets Talitha Getty...

...meets Mrs. Roper boho-chic. So, hold on to your hookah Babe cuz I'm breakin out the Calypso, elephant hair and Bhati Beads bracelets. For, sticks and stones may break my bones but, your hippie taunts will never hurt me...

Besides, I don't recall any Cheech and Chong jaunts to Marrakesh on private jets...

Kindness of Jules Reid for mentioning Gypset Style in her Virginia Living interview. Does this make you my Gypset Guru Jules? XXOO


  1. One of your best and most entertaining posts. You need to write a book - I'm working on a title :-) xoxo

  2. I prefer women with a Bohemian vibe. I'm just not interested in shacking up with Martha Stewart. Think of Modigliani's nudes. Tell the Babe to relax and enjoy it.


  3. boho chic, Babe, boho chic!



  4. You would have a blast in Marakesh - and everything is so much cheaper! Babe would be wise to take you there to shop :O)

  5. LOVE your top! I too have the gypsy vibe... perhaps because we were born in a particular era! My mother had some totally rad "threads" back then... I would wear them now if she still had them!

  6. Boho Gypset could be your nom de plume!

  7. Babe you know what they say about paybacks? I'd be monitorin' my credit card bill if I were you.

  8. pretty pink tulipsJuly 13, 2010 at 11:47 AM

    I think Webster's will be updating next year to include..Gypset! Love the pics! Elizabeth

  9. Too funny! Just this past weekend I was being teased about the boho look I was sporting, there is just something so comfortable and relaxed about it, plus it looks perfect with a slave to summer tan!

  10. Yeah...I see you wearing that fur hat....not
    Love the kimono though...

  11. That top looks great on you!!!! I will always be a hippie at heart...I took the phase to a whole new level and even got parents to buy me a VW bus in high school! xx

  12. Birds of a feather, as the saying goes. I, too, am gypset (great coinage, btw). 1/2 proper/conservative and 1/2 bohemian/earth mother. And I thought I was the one and only!

    ~Gypset in Boca