23 July, 2010

Attire For Your Books

This recent picture of India Hick's covered books reminded me of my wee library gathering dust in our storage unit. I figured, if I reran the tutorial post on my own handsome book jackets, I could have a virtual visit with my lil collection...

Several months ago, during an open house, Babe and I seized the opportunity for a peek-see inside one of the homes we had been stalking admiring down the street...

I became instantly obsessed with the beautiful vellum they had covering their books and the following morning slipped their cleaning lady a properly written note begging for insider info regarding the materials used. I was thrilled when one of the men of the house called me within minutes of my covert operation and generously gave up his trade secret...

My little project would require an X-Acto knife, a cutting mat and a 36" ruler for cutting precise lines...

And, rolls and rolls of vellum all of which were found at Pearl Paint...

My new acquaintance Paul was lucky enough to have one of his assistant's in NYC do all the labor. I, on the other hand, could not keep my help from laying down on the job...

So I called on my old high school book covering talents (minus the doodles of polo ponies and Madison Clark's initials) to get the job done...

I won't lie, it took me weeeeks...

And, naturally the effect was much more striking in Paul and Eric's floor to ceiling built-ins...

But, it dressed up our little Parsons shelf perfectly. And, all my toiling has paid off in compliments and drools received from friends and guests alike...

Kindness of Paul Sinclair and Eric Berthold for so generously sharing their design secret. Fingers crossed my pretty covers are holding up well in their storage unit. Hold on tight my lil books, Mummy will hopefully be retrieving you shortly...XXOO


  1. Yes, I loved this post then and now. I love that your books look as though they are on a summer "screened in porch" - and how could I resist spotting your sweet framed putty cat.

  2. fantastic idea. i have built ins like that, but we are moving and sadly, the new house has no built ins. our books will be housed in an antique hutch. i am going to do this b/c our collection of books will need a makeover. thanks for sharing and take care.

  3. Lucious coverings... and the opaque feature allows for titles to peek through. Do you not love the Bose Ipod station? Is the best, for sure.

  4. Such an amazing idea! Thanks for sharing! Looks great!!!

  5. I'm with PVE! We are picking up a bookcase this weekend --- and I thought of your gorgie book covers. I needed this inspiration today!!! Cheers! Xoxo-BLC

  6. loved the idea! thanks for sharing!

  7. Talk about a chic read! I am dying to try this!

  8. I've seen them covered in kraft paper, but this is elegant! And the lovely spines still peep through. Thank you so much for sharing!! xoxo

  9. As someone who works for a rare book dealer, I can say it's also good for the books--it protects the original dust jacket fron sun and grime, preserving the value. And it looks lovely on the shelf.

  10. When I was a teenager, I saw a image in Architectural Digest where all the books were covered in butcher paper. I got about 1/3 of the way through my floor to ceiling built-ins before getting bored with the project...kudos to you for finishing it! It looks great!

  11. How clever! It looks so pretty but you can still see the names. Thanks for sharing!