29 July, 2010

As Swiper Would Say, Awww Maaan...SNAP!

Babe has been sharpening his skills. He knows I must be truthful so, he frequently blindsides me with, "what's in the pipeline Babe? I know some little lonely UPS truck is carting around thousands of my dollars as we speak." Welp, back to Sun Tzu for a revamping of my Art of Purchase strategy...

You see, I tried to reign it in like a good girl during my bikini shopping spree earlier this spring and, this Melissa Odabash Antigua number in Rose Flower was one of the suits that didn't make the final cut. I blame my residual Pucci guilt...

So, instead of being able to boast from my first class seat on the fashion train that HRH of Good Taste, Gwynnie, has MYYY Antigua bikini, I am now left scurrying to make the purchase post-haste and ride in steerage with all the other late comers...

I've got the scales out and I'm weighing...I've got GP in the Mel O bikini in one and wrath of Babe in the other. Hmmm...

Kindness of Babe who will take it easy on the gorilla interrogations. When one too many cocktails caused me to slip up in my time management skills Friday night, allowing him to beat me home from the train station while I was still sporting my hours old Glamourpuss Poncho over my bikini, I walked in to, "Hellooo Mrs. Roper, whendidwegetthat?". Ummm...ahhh...ummm...what'chutalkin'boutwillis??? XXOO


  1. Was that a package that I see left there for Babe too?
    Matching trunks or something needlepoint, right?

  2. if GP has it... it is a get out of jail free card for having good taste! thought of you when I saw these pics last week :)



  3. I actually thought of you when I saw GP wearing this bikini in US Magazine (I was at the gym, don't judge!).

    It'd be perfect for you; Fenwick Island won't know what hit it!

  4. Gwen still looks amazing. Look at her quads, I may need to do some lunges today.

  5. You are too funny! I finally got my August Vogue with Gwynnie on the cover and actually thought of you when I bought it!

  6. Hehe! Your convo with Babe sounds just like my convos with Ale. Boys don't understand shopping habits, do they!? Xoxo-BLC

  7. Quick question:

    Does Babe tuck in his polo shirt when wearing shorts? Do you advice in tucking the polo shirt in?

  8. The girl. You know...the one with the dark hair. In the first picture. What's the SKU on that fine thang? Item number please.

    Ms. Paltrow looks fine but I won't trifle there. She's still happily married to that affable boy from Colethang right?

    As for tucking polos in...let your belly or lack thereof help guide your decision.

  9. Babe's a tucker. Only certain builds can get away with the untuck. I have a go-go gadget looong torso so I can rock an untuck. Unless it rests on my shelf of a butt :)

  10. "shelf prominence"...darn. Gotta add another input to the Butt Police Caliper Ratio thing.