30 November, 2009

The Homecoming

All was prepped at the beach house for the girl's Thanksgiving homecoming...

Fresh linens, cleaned room, not a thing out of place...

I knew as soon as they came through the front door loaded down that that was to be short lived...

There was Longchamp after Longchamp full of dirty clothes...

What started out as organized chaos...

Quickly evolved into laptops on every surface, the washer going day and night, friends in and out and heaps of Tory Burch Revas strewn about...

But, someone in particular was very happy with the mountain of clean laundry building on Hilary's bed. Too bad the mistress eventually got around to folding and has since headed South...

Kindness of moi who has rewashed all linens, vacuumed, cleaned and tossed out dying flowers in preparation for the soon to follow Christmas homecoming. Templeton has begun his vigil on your beds and is counting down the weeks til he has his nest of laundry back...XXOO


  1. That's part of the homecoming! Even though our daughter doesn't bring laundry home, her room reverts to her teenage room whenever she comes home!

  2. We had the same situation at our house. It was like a laundry cyclone for three days. Don't be sad, they will be home for Christmas before you know it. Our lab is in depression mode because the house is empty. Thanks again for the dressing recipe!

  3. And I know the hearts of those girlikins were so full and happy to be well taken care of.

  4. Love, love the pink lacrosse sticks!!

  5. These pictures take me back, one of the best things about the upcoming holidays was not doing laundry in the dorm for weeks leading up to it. Hope you had a blast!

  6. Lurker here who loves your blog!
    Been debating whether I should be so bold as to ask what brand purse (pink) one of the loverly girls is carrying in pic#3:( Also love the dark nail color in pic#4.
    A stylish fam you got there!