17 November, 2009

Reunion Excitement

Only one more week til Emma and Hilbils arrive back at the beach for Thanksgiving break and Daddy returns from Tokyo...

I helped Mummy clean and organize the girl's room in anticipation of their return. And, by help I mean I kept her entertained while she did all the dirty work...

Templeton immediately set up camp on Emma's freshly made bed...

But, soon jumped ship and settled on Hilbil's territory...

We've stocked up on Ghirardelli chocolate chips for Emma to make her famous cookies and all the fixins for Ina's Sticky Buns. Nuthin left to do but lie back and count down the days...

Kindness of the boys for always providing material...XXOO


  1. Hello! I'm a first time commentor, I LOVE your blog, you are so witty and of course have an amazing sense of style! If you are looking for material to write about I have seen lots of other bloggers open it up to their readers, let them ask you fun questions that they would like you to answer. Just a thought....keep up the good work. Have a great day! Samantha

  2. Cats are so funny!

    It will be fun reading the blogs in the next week with everyone getting ready for TG!

  3. I am in love with your kitties! They are both beautiful and seem to have so much personality.

  4. Allie- I am looking forward to the fabulous coffeetable book you will produce of your glamorous cats in luxurious poses!

  5. the anticipation of holidays with loved ones is just the best!

    full confession- I dreamt last night that my father and Babe were creating a non-profit and that they had to discuss it over breakfast where you and I gorged ourselves on oatmeal pancakes. not sure how that dream happened, but thought you'd get a kick out of it!

    PS- could you do a post on how you and Babe met please!



  6. That is pretty funny and probably not that far off the mark. Also, you have the same initials as the bff Kimba so at first I was wondering why you didn't mention this dream during any of our three phone conversations this am haha...XXOO

  7. How wonderful to be waiting for everyone to come home. Preparing. I am getting ready to do the same. Here it also means buying lots of bananas:).

  8. Have a great time with your loved ones in your freshly fluffed cottage. Hopefully the rain has stopped there and and you can get out for your run.
    Loved the dream story from kHm and your response. I sooo have to be careful when reading comments too now. I have mistaken a commenter's identity and actually responded totally inappropriately.

  9. Nothing better than an excuse to have family gather! I cannot wait to be home myself! It looks as though you are ready for your visitors!

  10. Your cats are precious......that little face in the plastic tub is so cute!