12 November, 2009

Rx For My Back

After a week of moving furniture and gazillion pound book boxes, with just the help of my sister, I eventually pulled a back muscle by just rolling over in my sleep. Hmmm...didn't I read in Town & Country about some $900, eight hour massage at some swanky hotel somewhere in NYC? Where is that info when I need it...

Next best option; I pulled out my Kiehl's Massage Oil and hoped for a volunteer. Anyone? Anyone? Just some sporadic, perfunctory rubbing from an exhausted Babe during our mini weekend together. Not quite the $900 equivalent I was looking for...

It was time to pull out the big guns but, the Advil wasn't really helping and, I was afraid to take the muscle relaxers and watch my day go up in smoke from the sofa. The Rx that finally brought some relief arrived from Belgium a couple days later:

Good morning babe,

I really have wanted to thank you for being such a good sport over the past month. Not only did you handle the burden of moving us...twice!...but you have been very kind and understanding regarding leaving G'town. I couldn't have asked you to handle it any better and feel indebted for all of the work you've done. I really love you and brag about how great of a wife you are.

Ok babe, I hope you sleeping well. I'm thinking of you and the boys throughout my transcontinental jaunts - miss you 3 and can't wait until Friday after next!


Kindness of Babe for sending me just the appreciation the doctor ordered. Also, must be noted, très clever in dodging the $900 massage bullet...XXOO


  1. Dear Allie,
    I don't buy name brand OTC pain relievers either. Hurray for generics. I figure, save the difference to spend on sterling silver belt buckles and ostrich skin key rings. Hope your back is feeling better. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  2. So sweet- somethimes a little thank you (a sincere one, at that), is all you really need.

  3. Usually just when I'm ready to chuck him to the curb, my hubster surprises me with something like this. Very sweet!

  4. Hope you back is feeling better! Hurt backs are "no fun"!

  5. Oh take care of your back.
    ...and babe's note is priceless.

  6. Feel better...I also strained a muscle in my back this week! xx

  7. What is it with bad backs? I pulled a muscle gardening this summer and I finally started PT.