10 November, 2009

Fa La La La C'ville

Babe called from the airport yesterday to discuss a possible post Thanksgiving trip to Charlottesville. His intentions are professionally linked. Mine are otherwise...

I am thinking/scheming that while he's meeting with his business associate I will hightail it over to my beloved And George to pick up that darn key chain I have yet to get as well as restock my fav Côté Bastide Fluers D'Oranger scented bubble bath...

Also, I must remember to get that Lafco Sea and Dune candle they were burning on my last visit there when Babe had the lock down on my spending. I have a nose for great candles and this one past my stringent olfactory litmus test with flying colors...

Once the prohibited shopping is done I will skip over to Chuck Pinnell's workshop and handpick the buckle for my nearly completed needlepoint belt project. Definitely incentive to get stitching...

Now that I'm done with the naughty, it'll be time for some nice. I will suggest one of Babe's hot spots for dinner, Crozet Pizza. Agreeing to his signature sausage and onion pie order is sure to assuage any residual guilt I may have...

And, since I deferred to him for dinner I am sure to get my dessert wish right across the street at the all-in-one Crozet DQ/convenience store. The Peppermint Chip blizzard of the month that I live for will just be coming into season...

Now that our bellies are full (as well as my duffel...) we'll head over for a walk on the lawn to admire all the Christmas lights. At this point I am sure to have been grilled, tripped up, or just plain caught for earlier indiscretions and Babe will be in full re-enactment mode with my un-cleverness. The price I pay for being married to such a smartie pants...

Kindness of Babe for infinitely being a good sport. We miss you Dil...XXOO


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a day! Mmmm candy cane blizzard! I hope we get them here too!

  2. I think I might just need that bath potion.
    and George looks like a fabulous spot!

  3. Awww...Love your blog!! Reminds me of the night I got engaged. Crozet Pizza, walk on the lawn (proposed at the Rotunda), and DQ before we called it a night!

    And since we both ride horses as a gift to him for our engagement I had a pair of chaps done for him by Chuck.

    Good memories!

  4. Ohh I need to check out that candle asap!

  5. love And George! Equally enamored with The Barn Swallow in C'ville...I keep their lavender sachets on my pillows when I make my bed.

  6. what a lovely trip to look forward to!

  7. I love chartlottesville, such a cute town!

  8. Maybe you'll see "Harry and Sneaky Pie Brown" while you're in Crozet. Unfortunately, it's prime hunt season, so you won't get to see "Sister Arnold".

  9. Oh... I would trade my mason pearsons for a circle key chain in pale blue!


    ps: your blog just keeps getting more fab!

  10. Be sure to visit the Caspari store in C'ville. Since my son graduated I don't get to visit it anymore :(

  11. the PERFECT day in cville. the new boyf is living in cville so i might have to send this his way as a not-so-subtle hint of what i would like to do :)