01 December, 2009

There's An Usurper Amongst Us

Thanksgiving was fabulous minus the previously mentioned mishaps. And, during the feast, my Lilly-fied hands were not serving up the bird on a platter...

But, were otherwise occupied with ice bags and bandages...

Thank goodness a fashionably aproned hostess-in-training Charlotte was able to step in and fulfill my duties. She worked that kitchen and crowd like a seasoned pro stopping only to lick some buttered fingers or high five HRH Uncle Josh on occasion. I think someone may have their eye on my crown...

The innocent face of an obvious usurper to the throne. And, here I thought it just a coincidence that she happened to take the seat I had saved with my vest the previous night. It's always the one you don't suspect...

Kindness of Charlotte for being such a wonderful hostess and uncomplaining scullery maid on Thanksgiving. Figure I better stay in her good graces. Also, thank you to all who made my oyster stuffing and took the time to email me the results. I love it...XXOO


  1. The oyster dressing was a total hit! As longtime Annapolis sailors we love the Eastern Shore appeal of this dressing!!! Thank you SO much!


    Anne Lake

  2. Love the buckle on your needlepoint belt (it totally distracts from the ice pack :) hope you are feeling better!