18 November, 2009

Rekindling My Relationship With The Fenwick Island UPS Man

Between Julie, the girls and now me again the UPS man stops by the beach house pretty close to daily...

Last week saw a delivery from the talented Meg Carter. A few lovely accoutrements for all my holiday attire...check!

The UPS man must send a page to le commandant Pilgie who is always at the ready for any package opening duties...

Next package to hit the doorstep was my deal of the century last season Milly dress. I had let this lil number slip through my fingers last winter but, tis true that good things come to those who wait cuz, I found it on The Outnet for a mere $140...

Dress for Babe's office Christmas party...check!

Doubling down on last season's Milly deals, I hit it big again finding the other party frock I let get away while in Charleston a year ago. This $550 beauty was less than half price on eBay. Dress for aide de camp Lizzie's wedding in two weeks...check and check!

Now, I'm hoping to introduce our UPS man to the Lilly Harper Dress which, is dying to make it's splash of a debut at Amy Fahrenkopf's Christmas Party...

Just as soon as I decide between the pink and the blue, clear the purchase with Babe (when the timing's juuust right), I'll place my order and prepare for introductions. Pilgie! Your package opening services may be required again shortly. Prepare for an incoming page...

Kindness of Babe for realizing it takes many deliveries for a girl to be holiday presentable...XXOO


  1. So I covet the white and gold Milly dress. The pink Milly was my rehearsal dinner dress! I wanted to wear it to an upcoming wedding, but somehow post marriage happy fat is preventing an ideal fit. I blame Hubs and his predilection for ordering pizza.

  2. Is there anything better than packages at the door!

    I say get both of those dresses!

  3. you are just going to be the best dressed at every party you're at! LOVE Milly numero uno and I vote for the blue!


  4. I LOVE THE PINK DRESS! I tried it on last year for my brother's rehearsal dinner, and fell in love. I opted for a Nannette Dress instead (yes, the same floral one that Gayle wore to her bridal shower on Top Chef), but the bow in the back in AMAZING. ENJOY!

  5. Nothing like little packages - especially when they are for moi! Loving the party frocks!