03 September, 2009

The Wristlet

Julie, Emma and Hilary are connoisseurs of the wristlet purse. They consider them de rigueur attire for any night on the town.

They have amassed quite a small collection and there are, no surprise here, duplicates of the above pictured Kate Spade versions. And, I just may be in possession of one of these KS cuties myself...

So, ever vigilant of the next hot "wristlet", my sister sent me on a scouting expedition to Longchamp in NYC last month. Seems Emma's godmother, and fellow fashionista, Stephanie (of previous Meg Carter fame) debuted this little beauty one evening this summer.

Although more of a "palm" rather than "wrist" accoutrement, it's only a matter of months before we all drink the lemonade...

Kindness of Stephanie Shockley DeMallie who rocked the first "palmlet" at the beach...


  1. oh how sweet. I myself need more of a "Clutch"-
    (Whilst I think for the younger set these work) but I feel silly-carrying something that looks like a cosmetic case or a wallet.
    Any tips for Clutch du jour?

  2. I got the Longchamp mini as a birthday gift last December, its not as convenient as a wristlet, but is certainly fashionable, and holds a bit more!

  3. thanks for the heads up- my sis is BEYOND obsessed with l-c as we call it and somehow has none of their clutches! we must remedy that- thank you Allie!


  4. Long ago a friend suggested I put all my essentials in the mini, i.e.checkbook, wallet, cell phone, and then when you change pocketbooks- you just move the mini.

    I buy them for my daughters and friends at the Longchamp outlet ( Woodbury Commons, 1 hour outside NYC)

  5. I love the wristlets! My fav is one made from the sail of the boat my husband's raced on for years, but that's super casual.

    That Longchamp is adorable!

    I love Baekgaard, too. They have awesome colors and wear like iron.

  6. My mother received that Longchamp (in black) for her birthday, and while she does use it as a cosmetic bag, I've "borrowed" in on a few occasions to wear out & about!

  7. i keep one of the lime green larger minis in my bag for all my lip glosses and purse sized beauty products. i just pop it from purse to purse. i also have the tiniest mini that i use in my purse as a pencil case!

  8. Thanks for the shout out. I love following your blog. Check out my new "Triplet" drop earrings or "Buddha cuff" in turquoise ... they would be perfect with your Lilly peacock dress. xo Meg