15 September, 2009

Lilly Mission Accomplished

The entire mission was hinged on timing...

I had a one hour window to slip away from the St. Regis, cab it to the Lilly Store on Mad, meet the design team and procure my target; one Sandpiper "Peacock" Dress...

Things got momentarily hairy when I was told the only Peacock Dress left was the one on the mannequin. THE ONE ON THE MANNEQUIN?! That's sure to be too small pour moi! Not for this Cinderella, not on this glorious night. 'Twas a six and it fit juuust right...

The Lilly moons were truly aligned that evening for then I met Stacey, one of the designers, who just happened to have designed the "Lilly in the Leaves" Jubilee dress I was sporting...

She introduced me to the entire design team including Janie (in the killer Lilly skirt and Jennifer Miller earrings) who writes the Lilly blog. All very much worth the moola I paid a car service to hightail it back to the Reeg in time for a quickie shower prior to my engagement at the Soho House...

My beautiful purchase debuted to tons of compliments including one from the doorman at Soho House, and wrapped up a long, wine soaked reunion at Casa Mono with old friends. Thank you Lilly gods...

Kindness of Stacey, Janie and the entire Lilly design stars for taking the time to talk to and take pictures with lil ole moi...


  1. Now that is what I call strutting your stuff and showing us your feathers! Lucky you!!

  2. Wowzers! That's my absolute favorite thing that I've ever seen you wear! Great story too!

  3. !!!
    That's awesome! I love when everything works out for the best!
    I love your new dress!

  4. Perfectly executed with a decidedly devine outcome.

  5. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    You look like a raj princess in your new dress. It was meant to be. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  6. Have fun. And you look absolutely fantastic. Blond hair, tan, glorious dress, and the St. Regis. Perfect.

  7. Love that dress and it looks fabulous on you!

    It looks not-so-good on the website, so I passed it by.....

    Now, I might need one for a month end soiree :-)

  8. I've been coveting that exact dress; it looks perfect on you. And what a fabulous cocktail - cute dress and the St. Regis, yes please!

  9. so great! sounds fantastic! the dress looks great!

  10. You are rockin that Lilly dress (in both pics)!!!

    Janie looks familiar -- maybe the one who was on the Martha Lilly show?!

    Lucky you - I'd LOVE to be in NYC right now when the weather is perfect (and I can tell it is by what you're wearing)....Sigh....

  11. What's even more fun @ the tale is that Allie scored the Lilly Peacock in NYC on 'Fashion's Night Out'-- doing her share to keep the fashion biz humming right along.

    Always love the hand-drawn look of so many of Lilly's patterns. And seeing the designers with brush in hand is amazing-- thanks Allie.

    The photos do not do Allie justice- she looked even more drop-dead gorgeous and glowing in the LP Peacock! xoox