09 September, 2009

Never Enough Lilly

Fortune smiles on East Coast Lilly lovers for we'd be hard pressed to land anywhere too far from a familiar store front...

And, such was the case when we rolled into Columbia, SC last month and Garmined our way to the Pink Sorbet...

We were looking to outfit a couple of dorm rooms and, we totally hit pay dirt. A couple of magnetic boards for Emma and Hilary and a bonus one for mommy's classroom.

Tumblers for all those "juice and soda" sorority parties Emma's sure to host plus a couple batches for yours truly. Just in case there's a beach house on my horizon...

Cookie cutters for Julie who is cleverly using them as stencils...

...but, I suspect they may be borrowed by a sister or two for their intened usage as well.

A couple dry erase boards so Miss and Miss Popular don't miss any visitors while attending every single class...

And lastly, a hostess gift for the bff to put in her beach house kitchen. I suspect that's as close as I'm getting to outfitting a beach house in the immediate future...

Kindness of the wonderful ladies at the Pink Sorbet in Columbia, SC. They couldn't have been nicer to a preppy group of blond Yankees...


  1. I loved that patch-work map on the Lilly site, really great! I have always loved a touch of Lilly - it just makes me smile.

  2. those tumblers would be perfect for this weekend!

    one more sleep! wahoo!!!

    xoxox ~ mt

  3. I'm still dying for that peacock dress on your other post...the tumblers will have to wait!

  4. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    Your nieces will have the nicest dorm room accoutrement on campus. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  5. I so need to get those tumblers! They are adorable! And in my fave Lilly print!

  6. Definately great finds! So glad you picked up a few for yourself as well!

  7. I have those exact tumblers (in that pattern pictured) and I use one for my rinse & spit cup after brushing in my bathroom. It offers a little eye candy to my bathroom...and somehow makes teethbrushing time more enjoyable...