07 September, 2009

(un)Happy Labor Day

Time to pack up the whites and linen. It's been a grand three months of unlimited beach time, steamed crabs, Silver King corn, spending the day in a bikini, lots of Lilly, CKB and Calypso, runs along the coast with Emma, walks to DQ, Oceanside pizza, and family all day, every day. Au revoir summer...

Already planning trips to my parents Ixtapa home to assuage my grief...


  1. love the pic of Babe and you pretty much summed up exactly why summer is great and worth missing!

    hope you are having a great last day at the office today- off for a long run and then at least 4 hours of office time :)



  2. Awww hang in there! Sounds like you had an awesome summer so lets also have an awesome autumn!

  3. I feel your pain. As far as I am concerned, Summer lives on endlessly here. Thank goodness for you and your obsession with summer, bikinis, linen, lilly, and all things SUMMER!

  4. Yeah, get over it. Welcome back to the life of the rest of us 'common folk.'

    Of course I am only being mean because I am so insanely jealous!!!

    I am hoping at least, maybe just one summer of my life I can spend it at the beach. Until then, I'll live vicariously through you. Love the pictures.