21 September, 2009

Farewell Summer: The Finalè

It was a fabulous summer...

I was good...

And, sometimes a smidgie bad...

I had oodles of family time including, a week with my brother Keith and his girlfriend Nancy in from L.A...

I had a great birthday and a yummy cake. Thank you Genevieve!

And, clearly, my item of the season was the CKB shirt, replacing last years contender, the white Ralph Lauren skirt.

So, one last request was put in to my mother for Southern Mint Brownies for our Labor Day crab feast...

And, then it was goodbye beach...

Thank you for the Harvest Moon salute on our last evening there.

Kindness of Julie, Emma and Hilary who let me squeeze into their beach house practically the entire summer. And, a special thank you to Emma who got me running again after an eight year hiatus...


  1. Okay it says "Finale" on farewell summer posts....but if we hold up a candle and stomp our feet,can we get an encore post? I'm not ready for them to end. :)

    I also want to beat PVE today and be the first to comment. Me and my lofty goals.


  2. Was that a tear?
    Tissue box at the ready - bye summer.

  3. It is a small world…I was so excited when she told me she knew you. Hope it was a fun shower! Check out my post today. xx

  4. I am getting the feeling you reaaaalllyy dont want summer to end!

  5. And now onto fall... Crisp air, embroidered cords, quilted jackets, cable knits, hot spiked cider and football - Giddy Up!

  6. goosebumps Allie, goosebumps! what a fab summer :)


  7. You have had a marvelous summer! Here is to an equally enjoyable autumn!

  8. I am holding open my cellphone like the teenagers do (in lieu of lighters like we did back in the day) for an encore!! No! I'm not ready for my black cashmere & jeans and Uggs (yes I know they are ugly but whatever they are warm & I love them). Let's keep summer alive a little longer!! Sigh. I never want it to end...

    Thanks for all the fab pictures & stories.

  9. Thanks for the shout out!! :o) The trip was definitely memorable!! Hopefully we'll see each other in Mexico!!