25 September, 2009

Hostess With the Mostest Generosity

Bff Kimba in Charlotte sent this note out to the 25 guests she and hubby Bryan hosted for dinner this past Saturday night...

Of course, being the humble friend that she is, she did not mention this part of her plan leading up to the dinner during any of the gazillion phone calls between us. Cuz, if she had, I would have insisted on complete documentation for a post. Instead, I mostly heard how her lemon of a Viking dishwasher was not going to be fixed in time for clean up duty...

So all I have are her generous intentions and three lousy pics none of which depict what I am sure was as a glorious spread and shots of their just completed outdoor kitchen. But, what I can offer, minus the terrific idea, is a snapshot of the hostess in pink pants, a teensie glimpse of hubbie Bryan in the white shirt and a smidgeon of the new patio...

The evening was a huge success in more ways than one and even the small guests came bearing piggy banks. They raised nearly $400 for Feeding America all of which Macy's matched. Hey Kimba, maybe you could've just put the dirty dishes AND the muddy kids on the lawn and killed two birds with one hosing?

Kindness of Bryan and Kimba Howlin and family for their doing their part. Also, kindness of her friend Shannon Aveson for contributing the only three pics of the evening to the post cause...


  1. What a great idea!
    When my son turned 1 we asked all of the party guests to bring something for the babies at the women's shelter and everyone was so generous! The car will filled with diapers, formula, toys etc when I took it to them!

  2. That's awesome and great to see that Macy's big idea is being done.


  3. What a great idea! I've been to a lot of weddings where they do donations instead of favors. I think this is even better!