17 September, 2009

Farewell Summer: Part Deux

There was one last summer hurrah to be had during a long weekend in Montauk and, once in town I headed straight to Lobster Roll to get my fix...

Post Lunch there was a momentary panic as I misspelled the address of our rental cottage in the Garmin and took a dirt road ending us here. Freddy Krueger's place we decided. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry or hightail it back to the St. Regis...

After finding our rental (flat screen and Oprah, CHECK! paved road, CHECK! no Freddy Krueger, CHECK!) we went to explore our friend Annie's surfing compound which is a cluster of cottages that a group of surfing buddies have summered in together for years...

Jasmine pruned in the shape of a heart is just one hint that the guys now all have wives and girlfriends weekending too...

Annie and Pino's trailer is as authentic as it gets and a compound in and of itself...

There's the outdoor kitchen...

The outdoor shower...

And, the outdoor entertainment area...

You couldn't ask for a better view...

Even though it was rainy and cold all weekend you were still on the water. You were still in Montauk...

It was too wet and cold for surfing but, we still swung by Ditch Plains to see what we were missing. Apparently, we were missing a whopper of a parking ticket...

In addition the the fat ticket, I contemplated adding bike theft to the day's violations...

Ticket and rain, pshaw! It was a reunion with three dear friends I hadn't seen since I was 18. We were at the beach and nothing else really mattered...

To be continued...


  1. Just stop it, I want to read on.... seriously, you better write a book. Friends truly are the best....nothing else matters when you have your best buds. Look at you all purty in pink!

  2. I laughed so hard I cried! to be continued....exactly. looking forward to the next adventure/reunion. luv you so much! emc

  3. hooray for friends and you are so right about even though it was cloudy and grey that you were still in montauk- my mother always reminds us of that when it's 63 and drizzly at our cottage!


  4. Even rainy days on vacation are good days!

  5. Oooo, outdoor shower. That would be nice.

    Nice pink sweater, too.

  6. it's never too cold and wet for surfing in new england ;-)

    my husband would be soooo jealous of that surf compound - how cool is that???

  7. It was the coolest compound ever! It needs to be professionally photographed and put into a book. I could hardly do it justice. And, the pink sweater is a staple. Ralph Lauren makes theeee best cashmere sweaters...XXOO

  8. Love the shells hanging from the gray wood fence. So reminiscent.

  9. Fun fun day! What a beautiful place to get away!!

  10. I <3 Montauk!! My fave thing do do is drive out early in the AM & watch the surfers at DP. I hope you had a ball! It certainly looks like you had the best time! Thanks for sharing photos!

  11. Nothing better in the world than taking a hot shower outdoors while listening to the surf roll in. Heaven.

  12. Love that little bench seating arrangement by the water. Looks like a fun place for a campfire, smores and ghost stories.


  13. Oh Allie-- let's go back. I love your take on The Tuna Can. Even though it was chilly and drizzly, we kept it warm and toasty with our long and loving friendships!

    PS- I would never let my P&G princess sleep hanging upside down in a 6'x4' bat house! xoxo

  14. My hair was the weather report for the day-- drizzly, moist and windy.

    A monsoon attacked me mid-island while getting gas and driving out---my hair never recovered fully for this dinner pic. It is definitely telling it's own little story. xoox

  15. That pruned Jasmine looks more like the saddle on one of those bucking bronco machines in a cowboy bar. Not that I've ever been to one or on one but I've seen 'em in the movies.

    Just a guy's perspective!


  16. Yum I love the calamari at Lobster Roll!

  17. You know what that Lobster Roll place looks like? The place in the movie Masquerade, where Rob Lowe & that evil stepfather secretly met to plan the "murder" of poor Olivia Lawrence. At least the outside reminds me of it...in the Hamptons 'area' and nothing else around it...

    I remember and think of the stupidest stuff...Lol.

  18. That's cuz it is the place. Good eye TP&G...XXOO