02 September, 2009

The Birth of Preppy

It is one of my all time favorite movies and I know aide-de-camp Lizzie, now relocated in Baltimore, whole heartily agrees...

'Twas the first chronicled utterance of the term "preppy" and all that it implied...

And, although Jackie O came close, no one ever did as much for the trifecta "white jean, black tee and a tan" as Ali MacGraw did in the sailboat scene.

Now I've read in this month's Vogue that socialite Lauren Santo Domingo had a designer custom re-make MacGraw's infamous cashmere trench from the movie. Ahhh, the perfect storm of preppy, great taste AND a disposable income. But, until that storm heads my way I'll be content with lust item du jour, the peacoat. I began my own love story in the Charlotte Burberry store...


  1. Yes the fascination with prepp is something to be studied. The nuances all radiate from a practicality with an added dash of luxe.
    A new handbook seems in your future.
    Did you ever think of compiling and writing?
    You should!

  2. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    That trench in cashmere must be the height of indulgent luxury. If only we all had a stash of the disposable cash...Thanks for sharing, Denise

  3. fabulous movie and wardrobing- everyone should have to watch this- completely life-changing if you aren't already on the inner-fold!


  4. La-hove that movie! I purchased the Burberry hooded duffel coat (longer lenght from last season) last year and I am obsessed...the only party of me wanting winter here is so I can wear the coat!

  5. YES! One of the best movies with the best fashion, of all-time! I recall several years ago, Glamour or one of those magazines doing a spread for fall based on Love Story, i will have to see if i can locate that, it was fantastic!

  6. A truly fabulous movie! Loved it then and now. I actually have the SoundTrack album - yes the vinyl! and I had a hardback copy of the book - it has disappeared over these many years! Great post!

  7. Loved the book & movie. Even read and watched the sequel book and movie (Oliver's Story)....of course no match whatsoever. But there is a great line at the very end of Oliver's Story, and it's (something like) "I wonder what it would be like if Jenny were still alive, and I realized I too would be alive."

  8. I played the vinyl of the soundtrack until it was paper thin as a youngster. And remember President Ronald Reagan reinforcing the preppy tag by calling his running mate George Bush, "a Preppy, a Yalie, a sissy." ;)