30 September, 2009

That's One Expensive Diet Coke

When my friend Shelly popped in on Friday I asked her to accompany me to the bottom of our street so that I could get my daily mid-afternoon Diet Coke fix. Cokes in hand, we meandered further down Wisconsin Ave...

First stop was Vineyard Vines where I immediately latched on to the Galley sweatpants. I behaved myself and left empty handed but, those sweats are as good as mine...

Next stop, the always dangerous Ralph Lauren...

I found what would be my off season replacement of the recently retired CKB Tenley...

The Livia Tux Shirt would be perfect under just about every cashmere sweater I own. (and, speaking of cashmere...there was a black cashmere cable knit cardi wrap number that stopped me dead in my tracks. The price of which would stop Babe dead in his tracks)...

Of course, if I got the blouse I'd just have to get these bull dog cuff links I've been mentally saving for just such a shirting occassion...

We eventually wrapped up our Diet Coke run with a swing by Sherman Pickey where I left with a verbal "save the date" from owner Ethan Drath for a private party to benefit the Lab School. A private party where there will be tables set up for shopping. I returned home having only spent $1.49 for my drink but, the potential for damage made that one pricey Diet Coke run...

Kindness of Shelly Darling who will never be allowed down Wisconsin Ave with me again once her hubby Chris reads this...


  1. Love it. Though I have to admit, one of my first thoughts was "every action has an equal and opposite reaction." In my own case, being sooo good while shopping often leads to being sooo bad down the road!

  2. Surprised you are not chained to your desk with kitties on watch. Restraint is so hard, but equally chic.

  3. I once went out for a sandwich and ended up buying a sofa. I admire your restraint!

  4. love the tux shirt! just got an Ann Taylor loft version, which is now headed straight to the tailor to have the cuffs faux frenched! love my cufflinks :-)

    thanks much for the inspiration!

  5. The bulldog cuff-links are very cute, and that shirt is FABULOUS!

  6. Sherman Pickey is one of my all-time favorite shops! Ethan tried to set me up with a friend in San Francisco the last time I went in on an DC visit! :)

  7. I am totally not leaving the house tomorrow if these dangers lurk everywhere I look!

  8. I love the French cuffs on the RL shirt. However, I couldn't help thinking that they would make a bulge under a cashmere sweater.