22 September, 2009

Guest Blogging On Pink Monkey

I was so flattered when Liz Powers at Pink Monkey in Charlottesville asked me to guest post on my must haves for fall. Well, anyone who reads my blog knows that I'm all about the summer wardrobe. During the "other" seasons, I generally default to my uniform of sweats, Koolaburras, and cashmere sweaters. And, when I do buy something, I'm either going to wear it into the ground or take it to my grave. Below follows my baker's dozen of must haves for that "period" before my blessed summer rolls around again...

Before I can even think of making a fall purchase, I must see The September Issue to get me in the mood. Fingers crossed I can find it playing at a "Vinegar Hill" type theater in DC with the good popcorn and real melted butter just like in C'ville...

My fleece loyalties have waxed and waned between North Face and Patagonia. This year, I'm back on the Patagonia bandwagon and eying their Women's Classic Retro-X Jacket. By the end of the season this baby will be begging for a day off...

The next edition into my Belgian Shoe fold will be these navy velvet beauties. Please, please, please don't let the wait list be too long...

Dying for the Garmin Forerunner 405CX watch for my runs. Babe thinks the 405 would be sufficient but, I beg to differ. The "calories burned" feature is well worth the extra seventy bucks.

Last year if I broke out of my sweats it was for the J. Crew Pixie pants. This years version, the Minnie, seem even better. No more hook and eye to wrestle with every time you use the ladies room...

I've been mourning the loss of these B.D. Jeffries shotgun cartridge cuff links for many years and it's time to get a new pair. It's the Eastern Shore in me...

Last year I wore my Petite Bateau nautical shirt at least twice a week. I'm so excited to be able to put it out to pasture and debut this years St. James version I found at Calypso...

I know, I know...the Gucci Horsebit Hobo is sooo five years ago...Jessica Simpson kind of tainted it's classic, preppy image...but, I still want it...

I do own some schwanky, pretty underthings but, nine times out of ten it's Patagonia's Active Mesh bra that I'm sporting. I load up on them every year...

Oooo the Christopher Ross fox belt buckle...très high on my wish list. Hopefully, the beginning of a collection and definitely a "take to my grave" (and possibly bed) piece...

My niece Emma has been patiently waiting for me to purchase a new Chuck Pinnell ostrich keyring so that she may inherit my old Tiffany blue one. Not much longer Em, just trying to decide between the navy and the Hermes orange...

I've just shipped my sister, Genevieve, twenty skeins of Karabella Cashmere Elite yarn in color 12530 to custom knit me a scarf. It is sure to be a pièce de résistance upon completion...

I've mentioned this item twice already on my blog and, hopefully, the third time's the charm. Minus the custom knit scarf, the Burberry Peacoat is my most wanted item of the season. If I don't get anything else on my list besides this, I'll live til summer...

Kindess of Liz Powers for inviting me to guest post on Pink Monkey. Only for a fellow Hoovillian...


  1. ...and where is the 5 pocket jean or cord?

  2. 20 skeins of yarn must be some scarf (unless each ball has a small yardage!)

  3. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    I must say, I think you've shown considerable restraint with this wish list. Completely realistic and doable. Tell Babe I said so. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  4. Oooh Petit Bateau. Most comfortable ever. Oooh bi-metal cufflinks. I am now suddenly craving something in two metals like that. Oooh colored keyrings. Have to go see what they are made of. You do the best "stuff" posts ever.

  5. you MUST see the Sept Issue- saw it a few weeks ago and it was amazing!

    you and my sis have the same Patagonia fleece- I almost got the exact same one too- nothing like cream fleece in the autumn, is there? and Patagonia is just the best!


  6. totally agree on the stripey shirt. I have the amorlux version and wear it all the time. I may have to get the sweater version for the winter........yay, shopping!

  7. You hit the nail on the head about the horsebit hobo and Jessica Simpson. She is so over this bag... I say go for it!

  8. Well, limegreen, I did put in a request for "SOME" scarf, extra long and extra wide. But, additionally each cashmere skein was only .33 oz which, according to my sister, is très tiny as far as skeins go...XXOO

  9. Love, love, love! I want to see September Issue too...we need to meet up and maybe this is just the occaision! Also, I am trying to recylce my Gucci Brown Guccissima Horsebit Medium Hobo. Let me know if you're interested!

  10. I own and love the Patagonia Retro X in cream, I really want it in chocolate brown for this winter!

    As for the Garmin, I have a Forerunner 405 and when the information transfers to your computer it calculates out your calories, I prefer it to the 405CX.

  11. so nice to be asked. I love that belt buckle! xoxo

  12. Oh, honey!! (gasping for breath!) I can do the Belgian shoes, but $800-$1100 for a belt buckle? That would be the end of my marriage I'm afraid,and after 27years I don't think I would want to start over!

  13. Love love love it!
    And much to my surprise, while rummaging through my Mom's bathroom this weekend I came upon not one but TWO unused Mason Pearson brushes! I quietly tucked them in my bag, and once they sport my monogram they'll be mine forever.
    Thanks for that little tip!

  14. I have the Gucci Horsebit bag (mine is in black) and I used to think of JS, now-- not so much. You have to get it. It is my f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e bag ever. Ever! I'm looking fwd to crisp Fall days so I can pull it out of the GG dust bag cocoon!!

    I <3 Belgian Shoes! Great post. I love your list--ditto as usual! Now I just have to start running... :)

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