28 September, 2009

Bridal Shower Envy

Last weekend I attended my aide-de-camp Lizzie's bridal shower in Baltimore. You'll notice me on the end in the item du jour, my Lilly Peacock dress, next to Maris (of Mason Pearson hairbrush letter writing fame) who is next to the honoree, the soon to be Mrs. Casey Lawson.

It seems that Lizzie comes by her taste maker skills quite honestly. Hands down the best gift she received was the Tiffany blue Miele Neptune Canister Vacuum from her mother. That thing was mentally logged into my wish list queue before she even had it fully out of the box. In the meantime I drowned my gift envy in pink cupcakes...

Or, shall I say, my envy and horror. Seems while we were outside having the group pic taken I stepped in some dog poo and then traipsed it all through the host's home on the bottom of my little gold Reva. And, you thought the donning of the traditional bridal shower hat of ribbons was embarrassing? Child's play Lizzie, child's play...

Kindness of aide-de-camp Lizzie Prenger for signing the picture release form, our gracious hostess who handled my doggie poo faux pas like it was no big deal, and Mrs. Prenger for elevating my taste in vacuums...

You can stalk Lizzie through her fiancé's blog Dirigo in Balto. Truly one of the best written blogs out there. And, this coming from someone who usually just goes for the pics...


  1. Oh the dreaded bow hat...I am glad I dont have to relive that moment lol!

  2. Oh nooooo!! Doggie poo...You poor thing!! I hope it all cleaned up easily. :(

  3. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    I have a Miele; alas, it is white. That tiffany blue one is to die for. Unfortunately, Mieles take a long time to die so a replacement is not in my near future. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  4. ha - i *just* bought that vacuum last week. i love it and its bright colors.

  5. I love my Miele...showing signs of wear and all.

  6. oooohhh ~ I love you Allie ~ only you could make stepping in dog pooh funny!!! so sorry, however, and those lovely reva's ~ who's the bad puppy for not having proper party manners???

    miss and love you tons! and LOVE that dress!

    xoxoxo ~ mt

  7. Unfortunately I have two OLD Electrolux vacuums still in great shape. Dang that fine craftsmanship...I want that MIELE!