01 June, 2009

My excuse is the the IVF drugs. As Babe is fond of saying, they make me grow a pitch fork and a tail. This weekend though, I added tears to the mix and a lot of "woe is me" as I toughed it out in my first public pool experience.

Mind you, it's a public pool smack in the middle of our lovely Georgetown neighborhood but, you would have never known it from the bratty stink I threw. It's Sunday night now and I have come to terms with what will be my first summer not living at the beach and the fact that I was making Babe's weekend home miserable.

Soon after I made an enormous effort towards an attitude adjustment God threw me a couple bones. First, I saw the prettiest Lilly Pulitzer bikini cover up walking through Whole Foods. I am certain it was from last years collection but, I have already found a replacement in the Elisabeth Embellished Caftan and I will be the best dressed girl even if it is at a public pool.

Then upon our return trip from Whole Food, we met the cutest Norwich Terrier, which happens to be one of my "top five" breeds. Lucy was even cuter than the picture I have on my vision board (right next to the Old English Sheepdog pic) and her owner allowed me to ask all kinds of personal questions pertaining to the breed. And, now we're leaving for our nightly walk which will invaribly end us up at my favorite gelato place. All is right in Allie world...

Thank you to Babe for his never ending and over taxed patience...


  1. A girl needs to have a good tantrum in a public pool every once in awhile. Hope there was lots of kicking and screaming and a little mouth to mouth r & r.
    Poverty sucks, that poster is one of my favorites.
    A dear friend has it hanging with many other wonderful "dog art" - dogs at the bar... all hanging in the loo of course for undivided attention.

  2. A.

    LFG and I frequent our public pool in Old Town....assuredly more edgy than yours! I've been to the pool in your 'hood. It's all good. Character building I say.



  3. Was just at the beach this weekend with the boy...Sunday night I was in full depression mode realizing that I might, just might be able to make it to the beach maybe 4 or 5 weekends out of the whole summer. :( Your blog will help me get through it though!

  4. Allie, you are a spoiled brat! And , darling, I mean that in the kindest way! As a matter of fact, I think we could be really good friends. I, too, have had to 'endure' the public pool myself while I've lived here, however, my neighborhood has a private pool, now, so I'll frequent that one.

    Also, just so you know, you are on my very own private prayer list, asking God to send you those twin girls you want so bad. You just have to name one of them Kathie. (just joking, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I've tried to make people call me Katheryne, or Kate, but to no avail. Can you imagine a 90-year-old Kathie?)

  5. Lauuuuurennn...what are we going to do??? What happened to our life of leisure at the beach? Shopping for Lilly, Oceanside pizza, PTH and US mags, and the burrito and diet coke diets? What injustice has befallen we bon vivants??? XXOO

  6. How about a Katherine that goes by Kaki? Also, in the top five. And, I truely appreciate the prayers from everyone. XXOO

  7. Alice, buh-lieve me....I was on a total binge this weekend. On the list was Orange Crushes at Harborside and Fager's Island, Oceanside for lunch the next day, an abundance of all our fav magazines, sun, sun and more sun, thinking of how to lose 40 pounds in a week (starting today), and some tax free shopping at tickled pink in Rehoboth. What am I going to do all summer...now granted I now have a swanky rooftop pool at the new apt...you'll have to come by and we can just pretend there is sand beneath our pedicured toes!

  8. Aww! We have a place about 1.5 miles south of Fenwick, in a community w/ clubhouse, pool, tennis, etc. - and my friends suggested we go to the Gtown public pool this weekend. I felt so bad so I didn't say anything, but I have never been to a public pool! Maybe you could post pictures of the Gtown pool? I did hear it was clean & cute... fingers are crossed, for the weekends I don't end up at the beach! I'm with you though - my first choice is always my own place at the beach :)

  9. Allie-
    Tell Kathie, I am quite fond of shortening to two or 3 letters,,,what about Kat - like Audrey Hepburn called her cat...how's that for the penultimate of chic.
    Ok if I call you AL?

  10. PVE

    I like that. I might start doing that. Kat Truitt? It does have a ring to it. And when I'm 90, it will sound much classier. By that time, all my friends will either be dead, or they will have forgotten and I can 're-introduce' myself as 'Katheryne' at that point - lol!

  11. Did I tell you how amazing the "poverty sucks" image is?

  12. Hi there, I've been reading for a while and I've finally decided to comment!

    I am sorry about the whole pool thing. But, I think we're entitled to a little tantrum every now & again, especially if hormones are involved.