09 June, 2009

Pretty Ballerinas Collection 2009

My international scout has just reported in from London with a drool worthy shoe find!

Amy is the most traveled, fashionable friend I have and her conversations are often peppered with statements such as, "Have you ever had the mint tea in Belgium?", or "When I was living in Vietnam..."

So, when I received an email from her saying she had scored another great find abroad, and would be arriving stateside with a catalogue for moi and hard evidence to boot, I began champing at the bit.

Sunday morning I arrived at Amy's new G'town digs for bagels and Pretty Ballerinas. She served up brunch, I tried on flats.

After some serious perusing of her Pretty Ballerinas purchase, I started some virtual shopping of my own while rudely devouring cinnamon bagel poppers and my new catalogue.

I mean if they are good enough for Kate, Claudia, Amy and the rest of the international crowd...

Although, I tend to wear mostly sandals, sandals and the requisite Rainbows all summer, there is nothing wrong with getting a jump start on my fall shoe wardrobe.

It may just take me that long to narrow down my choices...

Or, decide to go for broke and get them all. Sorry Babe, c'est la mode...

Kindness of the internationally chic Amy Fahrenkopf...


  1. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    All i can say is "Come to momma." Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Denise

  2. I am a ballet shoe addict. I love them in the city or on any stage. ta da! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love those flats...they are amazing and I am addicted to flats this summer!

  4. I adore Ballet Flats! This post is a dream for me! Thanks - {I think ;-)} xoxo

  5. wow ~ all i can say is ~ wow!!! those are amazing as are you my dearest!!!

    i may not comment everyday, but i never get through a day without checking my most favorite and fabulous blog ~ what did i do without it!!!

    xoxoxo ~ Meggie

  6. Gorgeous! I wonder if they fit true to size??

  7. Having just spent a weekend in heels with my feet absolutely KILLING me, I was looking for flats that I could wear in the evening. Thanks to you, I may have found the solution. Thanks!

  8. These are amazing! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Thank you, thank you! I vowed never to wear heels again except to weddings and funerals. My life can begin anew.

  10. Your blog is getting expensive. I immediately ordered 3 pairs of these little gems. Thanks for the tip. They're addictive!!