26 June, 2009

College Bound Loot

The princess will be heading to South Carolina shortly for college and I must match last years going away loot pile for Emma cuz I know that someone was taking notes.

First order of biz are a couple of these Aquis Microfiber Large Hair Towels that every female in my family can't live without. Bff Kimba won't remember this but, she was the first person to turn me on to these waaay back during our roomie era. They were a godsend during the many years of highly chlorinated and fragile locks.

I will have to warn Em to put her monogram in permanent marker on her pink T3 Tourmaline Overnight Hair Dryer. This must be done for all duplicate gifts. For, a certain someone has a reputation for "misplacing" her item than declaring ownership of the one belonging to a more, ahem, responsible party.

Lastly (minus a large Kiehl's order to be placed at the eleventh hour), is a wardrobe of Huggable Hangers. Like I mentioned before, if they're good enough for Katie Lee Joel's Greenwich Village pad, they'll do just fine for Hilary's sure to be minuscule dorm closet. And since Emma has too many pink Huggables to keep track of, black it is for Paris!

For future reference purposes, Hilary, Hilbils, Princess and Paris are all one in the same girl. We are a family heavy into bestowing nicknames. And, the "Princess" doesn't fall too far from the "Queenie" tree...


  1. I remember a dear neighbor giving me a bookmark which I still cherish. I kept it all these years-
    "Time passes, Love never fails" - with a pale blue tassel. Perhaps you could find a bookmark for her Empress Auntie.
    Something royal, regal, and monogrammed?

  2. I LOVE those microfiber towels. Seriously obsessed.

    Something my mom's BFF gave me before I went away that I hadn't even thought of was small packs of clothing detergent. This way I didn't have to carry a jug down the stairs of my dorm to the laundry. It was a lifesaver when I ended up on the 20th floor!

  3. I really wish people in my family went out of their way like that for me ever! Very, very jealous!

  4. Best.Aunt.Ever.

    She's going to Furman, right? That is one of the schools I want, er, I mean I want my daughter to go to...or Davidson(?).. My brother once told me that Furman's campus was (and I quote) "like something out of a Ralph Lauren ad"...and of course now I'm dying to go there, er, I mean I'm dying for her to go there. (must.not.live.through.the.children...)


  5. Aweeee! How exciting!? Clemson by chance!?? Xoxo-BLC

  6. You're so right about putting names on things. Even in sorority houses, "borrowing" is all too common. Love the pink hair dryer!

  7. I have an award up for you today...