03 June, 2009

A Few Requisite Sounds of Summer

A très crisp flute of Vueve Cliquot Rosé while watching the sun set over the bay and eating freshly caught lobster is summer perfection.

Wye River Maryland blue crabs once a week. 'Nuff said...

De rigueur photo booth pics on the boardwalk...

The more the merrier.

Old school Telescope beach chairs. No tricked out, fancy cup holders or canopy's permitted.

Elle McPherson's fav, Melissa Odabash for déshabillé, barely there tan lines. But, unless you're built like Elle I'd order a size up cuz these babies are teensie.

And the ultimate summer accoutrement? Why the white bikini, natch.

PS...Saw a beautiful white bumbum Ipanema bikini at the pool last weekend. If anyone out there in blogville knows where to snag one stateside please give me a hollar.

Kindness of Babe, Genny and Emma for continuing to be bit players...


  1. Oh, thanks for the trip down memory lane sporting a babe watch white suit!
    cheers to summer and all the good things.

  2. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    How I miss sitting in the sun, carefree, no worries about skin cancer and oh by the way rosacea, ugh, thank you very much Mr. dermatologist. Now, no one mentioned anything about the evils of a bit of bubbly... Thanks for sharing, Denise
    P.s. Made a little visit to Gucci in search of the perfect summer purse, Gucci aint what it used to be in purse department. Lots of extraneous pleating, tassels, bits and bobs hanging everywhere.

  3. The other sounds of summer I do love:

    The lawn mower on a Saturday Morning
    The water hitting the windshield while the car is being washed
    The crackle of a sparkler
    Flip Flops hitting the street
    The pop of a beer can on a hot day

    Great Post - I may be inspired to do my own. Would you mind?

  4. Heck no Dickie! Inspiration is what motivates us all. XXOO

  5. GREAT POST!! and the comments are good, too ;-) xoxo {heard this past week that the Photo Booth is being used at weddings. Every one get their pic made, puts in a special memory book with a message - pretty clever idea} xoxo

  6. OH, Allie - I love Shag!! It's one of my fave movies ever! I need to watch it again so I can blog about it again ;-) Thanks for reminding me of how much I love it!! You just have to watch A Summer Place. Let me know if you see it!

  7. Yes, for anyone privy to only half this conversation, "Shag" is one of my all time fav movies that I wish I could just crawl inside of I love it so much. And, Preppy 101 has posted about the movie "A Summer Place" as her ode to all things summer.

  8. Telescope beach chairs are a staple at our house in the summer!

  9. Here is a post I did about the movie - just a little blurb about some of my fave movies. Have you seen St. Elmo's Fire??


  10. I agree - summer perfection! I'm about to head to Martha's Vineyard for a few weeks, and I can't wait for the lobsters. It's my very favorite. Thank you so much for your kind comments!

  11. Oh wow - Maryland crab and champagne plus a white Odabash suit? So heavenly. Great post, Allie

  12. Allie...I'd like to order the WOMAN please, in the white bikini. Please advise. Also, "Shag" ...the drive in scene was filmed my hometown at the Sky View Drive In.

    The "shag" dance ...a Southern staple. See this link about Billy Jeffers, an early "interpretist" of the nuanced dance. The Shag is all nuance. I grew up with Jeffers kids.


  13. I will advice Amy to dress accordingly for your first rendezvous. And, swinging was how we used to dance in college. God, I loved it...XXOO