02 June, 2009

From the Preppy Hand of God

The Gods of all things prep have been smiling upon me. First, an email from Camilla Bradley herself, after she stumbled upon my blog, thanking me for the CK Bradley shout out and letting me know that all the NYC store loot has been trucked up to Newport where the store is filled to the gills with partay duds begging for a night out on the town. She was also quick to point out that this officially makes CK Bradley designs harder to come by thus, more coveted. Mai oui!

Also, be sure to check out Camilla's new blog to keep abreast of all things Newport this summer and surely lots of fashionable skiing to come in the winter season. Totally my cup of tea! That would be the attention and the blog.

And, then my crackberry lit up again with an email from Hadley at team Lilly Pulitzer giving my blog another compliment (nose in air, CHECK!) and inviting me to a June 2nd soirée at the Madison Ave Store being hosted by Brooke Shields. Here's where I kick and scream in a similar manner to yesterday's public pool scene for being trapped in DC under the watchful eye of my IVF dream team. For anyone that is fortunate enough to be in the city and attend, I'll expect a full report on my desk in the morning! And, love to Brooke...


  1. Do they make maternity duds?
    They better now...

  2. Allie, you can't even go to NYC for just a day? If you take the early train you can be there in a little less than three hours.

    That is disappointing.