15 June, 2009

Mixed Bag Review

I thought I'd check in with a few of the past month's finds, disappointments, recommendations and good reads. Or, as they are fond of saying in the company my husband consults for, "FEEDBACK FOR YOU!"...

Any RH of NYC fans fortunate enough to be in the city tomorrow night should not pass up the opportunity to meet zeee "Countess de Lesseps" at the Lilly Pulitzer Shop in Bloomies. I have a previous commitment but, I have Emma and Hilary waiting in the wings and a room at The St. Regis on standby in case I'm clever/devious enough to wriggle my way out of it.

Early this morning, the FedEx man rapped on my door with a surprise package from Lisa Fine of Irving and Fine. Pour moi? I practically ripped it open with my teeth when I spied the return label. Inside? A pink and green (natch!) caftan in appreciation for last weeks write up. But, then a devastating turn of events; I turn my back for one eensie second, and in true Olivia Palermo fashion, my assistant not only takes full credit BUT possession as well. Btw, WILL WORK FOR CHIC CLOTHING...

On the chopping block? The J. Crew cover up I ordered in my pain pill induced spree following my root canal. Somehow, in my hydrocodone haze, this piece slipped through my otherwise stringent test all potential pieces must endure. No biggie, for there's always something on deck at Crew...

It was immediately traded in for the Linen Beach Pant in flax...

And, the Cotton Eliza Skirt in weathered stone. Both, perfect transitional pieces (code for "feeling fat days").

Two other good finds I mentioned, but never included a picture of, are my Polo Outlet jammie pants and pink seersucker shorts. I live in Polo and Lilly jammie bottoms either paired with J. Crew wife beaters or Petite Bateau chemises. Once four o'clock hits 'round these parts, the lounge wear goes on.

Also, I insist everyone see The Hangover. Wet your pants funny. I could have turned around and watched the whole movie over again once it ended. And, Bradley Cooper? Let's just say I'm making Babe grow his hair out now and invest in some Kiehl's gel.

My most exciting recent find is the best Brazilian waxer outside of the J. Sister's Salon in NYC. Hallelujah!!! This will only benefit my DC readers but, I just can not keep this discovery to myself. Her name is Karina Gutierrez and she's building her cult following (heavy with NYC G'town University girls who know a proper Brazilian when they get one) at Georgetown Aveda on Wisconsin. You can thank me later.

I have been slowly making my way through this summer's book pile and so far there has been one outstanding read. I read "Happens Every Day" by Isabel Gillies (of "Metropolitan" fame) in one public pool outing. So, basically four PTH's plus an additional 20 minutes to polish it off in the tub that evening.

Annnd...still no movement on the Hermes beach towel front. Sigh...


  1. Perhaps a book of your own is in store, now don't give up or throw in the towel just yet. You always have such wonderful Summer stash here.

  2. Great post! Must look for that book next time I'm at the bookstore!

  3. The Hangover was SUCH a great movie, even if the credits scared me. Is it weird to say it was refreshing after all the Apatow films?

  4. I will have to get the Hubby to join me in going to the theatre to see Hangover. You're making me curious about Bradley Cooper...although I still picture him as that jerk in Wedding Crashers!

    I LOVED It Happens Everyday. I think I also read it in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. Fascinating story and I've followed her since Metropolitan. I even remember when she did a Luvs Diapers commercial AND she appeared in one scene in Sex & The City...the girls were all at a party and Samantha was talking to her husband about financial things and she comes up to him and gives him a "look" like "you're done talking this woman" and drags him away.
    And Josiah's REAL name is really unusual...DeSales Harrison. I googled him and he IS good looking. You can see his picture on the Oberlin website. He's as hubba as your hubba! Lol. (okay, I think I'm running that one into the ground...time to stop...)