23 June, 2009

When the Tanning Gets Tough the Tough Get Needlepointing

Usually, this late in the game, I have a tan that would rival that of the 80's Bain de Soleil girl. But, the weather has been so stinking dreary that instead of logging my usual PTH's on the beach and at the pool, I've been filling my time with eating and online shopping. Two things that can get me into trouble.

So, last night Pilge-a-Roy and I pulled out my "haven't touched in months" needlepoint project to keep myself out of the kitchen and away from the computer.

I had been lusting after this Elizabeth Turner Collection Staffordshire Hunt Scene belt canvas for close to 15 years.

The busy scenes are always the most fun to do and I should whip through this one in record pace. Weather permitting...

And, if le commandant doesn't thwart my progress by running off with all my silk and ivory thread!

I've already started eyeing up my Chuck Pinnell sterling buckle options.

Black calf leather, paired with either one of the above options, will make quite the swanky pièce de résistance when finished. Just about the time I'll be hanging up my tanning spurs for the season...

P.T.H. Peak Tanning Hours. The hours between 10am and 2pm when classes are empty in the spring.


  1. O mother dear, I fear we have many unfinished needlepoints here and many a grand plan for finishing, bell pulls, pillows, backgammon sets, rugs, and even holiday accoutrements.
    Busy hands, idle mind. Let us busy our selves.

  2. Both those needlepoint belt patterns are beautiful! You have me thinking about picking up my long ago abandoned needlepoint abilities and putting them to good use! Love your helper in the pics, he's adorable...problem is I have several of his species who will just love to run off with my thread! LOL


  3. The hunt scene looks like the topiaries at Ladew Gardens. Very sweet!

  4. Oh, I love that!! Needlepoint may just be my next diet!!

  5. I agree that the "busier" scenes compared to repeating patterns are way more fun.

    Do you know of a needlepoint shop that will create a custom scene? I've got the layout in my mind just need someone to paint it - then off to the grandmother's in OTA to do the needle pointing...

  6. I just had to tell you this! I met a few young (mid-20's) girls this weekend that are faithful followers of my blog. They said they'd been 'turned on' -they're words, not mine - to Allie as well and read you every day!

    Thought I'd let you know - you never know who's reading.

  7. Allie...I'm just pleased that I have more vacation weeks remaining 'cause this one was a bust as far as tanning goes. I'm tempted to head over to "Bethany Booth" for a little color.

    Mr. Pasty

  8. Since I'm a huge needlepoint fan and a huge fan of anything hunt scenes (my entire entry way is covered in red & white hunt scene toile) I love that one you're working on. LOVE it. I have a great needlepoint pillow of a hunt scene I got years ago from (get ready for it) Lillian Vernon catalog. I know, I know. I find the greatest stuff from the most unexpected places...it's my specialty. ;-)

  9. my mother needlepoints belts, pillows, and chairs. love that hunt scene - she would love it also! and you have the CUTEST cat in the world - I think I am in love :)

  10. Oh, that pattern is fab-u-lous! Love the colors too. Glad to see you using the silk & ivory for a belt, I am using it for the first time on a belt (with repeating patterns, ugh!) and was just a little worried that it may not durable enough. And you MUST use the horseshoe buckle!

  11. Oh that fur-face makes me melt!!! Xoxo-BLC

  12. 1. That belt looks awesome. Can't wait to see it finished!

    2. Your cat is absolutely adorable :)