29 May, 2009

Where to Summer?

Over an Ethiopian dinner Monday night, Babe and I planned our dream summer itinerary. The discussion lasted throughout the meal and wrapped up only after we had walked to Dolcezza for gelato and then home.

First off, would be a long weekend in Chicago to see "Cy Twombly: The New World, Selected Works 2000-20007" at the Art Institute of Chicago. Being presented in conjunction with the opening of Renzo Piano's Modern Wing, the retrospective of sculptures, paintings, photographs and mixed media pieces is on display from May 16 to September 13 and we would give our eye teeth to see our favorite artist.

Then we'd return to Bermuda, for a brief four or so days, just so I could swim in that beautiful turquoise water and bronze myself from sun up til sun down again. Bermuda is not known for it's food or shopping so I would have no distractions while working on my world class tan.

The entire month of July would be spent in our beloved Southampton where I could occupy my free time stalking The Real Housewives of NYC instead of my usual suspect, Ina Garten. And, per usual, my shopping would rival that of Alex and Simon.

Back from our month in the South Fork and ready to give back, we'd pack our weekender's for several days in New Orleans volunteering at Habitat For Humanity. Yes, I must confess...I stole this idea from the Roloff's.

And, in August, the pièce de résistance would be a holiday in Positano staying at either Le Sirenuse...

Or the Hotel Santa Caterina on the Amalfi Coast.

This trip would not, could not, be complete without a jaunt over to Capri and a couple of days at the Grand Hotel Quisisana where I could visit my friend Costanzo and pick up a just few more pairs of his Canfora sandals to add to the collection.

Now, Babe's not on board with this part of the plan, yet, but I am just dying to go to a Dude Ranch somewhere in Montana or Wyoming. Sooo, if we are too exhausted from our early summer travels, and not up for a trip abroad, I'll be packing my chaps and headin out west.

Disclaimer...this is all just fancy planning and I will more than likely be spending the bulk of my summer in Fenwick Island and at the Volta pool. But, a girl can dream while she's feigning to like Ethiopian...

Kindness of Amy Fahrenkopf for the hotels and personal driver recommendations. And, a special thank you to "the most" private Babe for allowing me to post his handsome picture, even if it was under duress...


  1. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    All I can say is that you can plan my vacation any time. Wowee. My husband would love to be able to travel extensively but with two girls in college... not going to happen any time soon. Once we get rid of these spongers and hangers on, otherwise known as our children, watch out. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  2. I shall be in Chicago July - love to meet and see Cy.
    One of my personal faves!
    May the travel planets align themselves...

  3. We go to Montana every august -flyfishing, hiking, just enjoying the beautiful scenery and weather. It is heavenly!

  4. Sounds like my kind of summer, although I'm partial to France, while DOTR loves Italy. We are going to Bermuda in July. I love that place.

    Our summers are freakishly short, schoolwise, here in Georgia, so the trip to Wyoming will have to wait until we get these last two out the door. We went to Jackson Hole last June, but it's just a tad early. Late July and August are much better.

    I really, really like your plan. My summer will be spent on a trip to the College World Series in Omaha in June, Bermuda for a week in July (then on to Houston to move oldest to her new domicile), then early August is back to school. Sigh.

    I guess I could swing the Habitat thing, our church is building a house every Saturday in June and July and I've yet to sign up.

    Thanks for the food for thought.

  5. I know a great Dude Ranch in Wyoming, it's called Bitterroot ranch. My parents used to go every Summer. Mom would go ride through the teton mountains while my dad would fly fish in the snake river. I went one summer with them and we stayed in adorable log cabins.

  6. Allie

    I'm thinking you and Mr. Babe will need a valet and an assistant during these jaunts. LFG and I would like to accomodate your needs. Let us know when the first plane leaves.

  7. Go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming! I stayed at the Triangle X Ranch and it overlooked the Tetons. I think it might be the only ranch that does. I know other people have stayed at dude ranches in Wyoming and the sights were NOTHING like they are in Jackson with the tetons. There is also Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado which I REALLY want to go to. Look them up :) Once you see the pics on the Dunton Hot Springs website, you'll be in love :) www.duntonhotsprings.com and www.trianglexranch.com